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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | scholar; in this work, his point was to make known the authentic 2 Intro | law still in force.47~ The point of all interpretations is 3 1”,13| anyone at all that is on the point of making his exit, if he 4 2”,3 | not denote being later in point of time, as some say in 5 2”,3 | Rome, not the second in point of honor, but the second 6 3 | God only by stretching a point, destitute of the assumption 7 4”,16| from each other. For, in point of fact, it is a case of 8 4”,28| say, to his being first in point of order among the rest 9 7”,1 | allowing this important point to remain hidden under a 10 7”,20| papalethra (or “patch”) at the point of the head, which was a 11 7”,25| in his behalf. Up to this point it is the Canon of St. Basil. 12 7”,35| second after him only in point of order, while the Bishop 13 7”,45| who are much older both in point of age and in point of prudence. 14 7”,45| both in point of age and in point of prudence. For them to 15 7”,89| commence our hymns at this point spiritually, ending the 16 7”,94| the beginning of it to the point where it says “and then 17 8”,10| To come at once to the point, therefore, let him keep 18 8”,23| that the most important point connected with his ordination 19 8”,23| still one most important point to be attended to, though, 20 8”,23| Bishop in Rome. At this point note that the pronoun “touto” 21 8”,23| to allow persons at the point of death to commune, especially 22 8”,23| but, taking him up on this point, Gregory the Theologian 23 8”,23| suspicion, three superiors in point of seniority of ordination 24 8”,23| or amplifier). On this point see also the explanation 25 8”,23| worded or paraphrased, a point which was gallantly admitted 26 8”,23| thing and did another in point of reality? No; on the contrary, 27 8”,23| on the contrary, even in point of reality they actually 28 8”,23| and compositive itself in point of essence and substance 29 8”,23| contrary, that at the very point of subsistence of the first 30 8”,23| tribulation and discomfort to the point of death, rather than for 31 8”,23| Bishop of Rome is first in point of order, while the Bishop 32 8”,23| Constantinople is second in point of order. These privileges 33 8”,23| as being closer to it in point of time and as having been 34 8”,23| or eleven years passed in point of fact, and not twenty-seven, 35 8”,23| Latrocinium.”~ ~ [132] At this point in the Canon there is a 36 8”,23| follows to this objection. We point out that the Council enumerated 37 8”,23| tonsure of the hair at the point of the head, similar to 38 8”,23| to wear this halo at the point of the head, let them learn 39 8”,23| change guise, and on this point Ap. c. XXV and c. III of 40 8”,23| standing with them. And on this point again cc. I and II of Ancyra, 41 8”,23| life until they reach the point of growing a beard, since 42 8”,23| those who arrive at the point of being rasophores (i.e., 43 8”,23| that be possible when in point of fact they have even donned 44 8”,23| is in agreement on this point with this Council, the birth 45 8”,23| though a person be at the point of death, breathing his 46 8”,23| beards. But, more to the point, even the saints in Italy, 47 8”,23| epithetholy.” It is, in point of fact, not bread at all, 48 8”,23| national custom at this point, but, instead, availed Himself 49 8”,23| explicitly speaking, in point of imitation of the hypostasis, 50 8”,23| resemble the original only in point of name and in point of 51 8”,23| in point of name and in point of position of the members 52 8”,23| attention must be paid to this point, since it is not for every

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