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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 7”,31| sacrifice are wont to offer wine alone at the sacred table, 2 7”,31| water after He rose, but wine? — another wicked heresy 3 7”,31| without mysteries and used wine, derived, he says, from 4 7”,31| 82). But a vine produces wine, not water. Hence they infer 5 7”,31| use water alone instead of wine in their own sacrifice,[ 6 7”,31| filled full of water and wine in the Divine Liturgy. And 7 7”,31| taught, that is, bread and wine, mixed with water. If, therefore, 8 7”,31| and, mixing water with wine, thus to offer the intemerate 9 7”,31| liturgy, that is to say, with wine alone, without combining 10 7”,31| resurrection the Lord used wine, is denying in these words 11 7”,31| Eucharistic celebration, and not wine, divine Chrysostom, in refuting 12 7”,31| water must be mixed with the wine by way of representing the 13 7”,31| chalice to be filled full of wine and water. In addition, 14 7”,31| fails to mix water with the wine, in accordance with the 15 7”,54| these the consumption of wine, oil, and shellfish is allowed), 16 7”,55| consuming on these days only wine, oil, and shellfish),[180] 17 7”,61| wine-presses; nor, when pouring the wine into the casks shall they 18 7”,61| the giver and patron of wine) when treading the grapes 19 7”,61| and guffaw when the new wine is being transferred to 20 7”,73| excommunicates those who sell wine and food stuffs or other 21 7”,75| other words, the sale of wine, or of raki, or even of 22 8”,23| Woe unto them who drink wine with harp and lute, but 23 8”,23| abstaining from oil and wine. (Notice that the fast of 24 8”,23| marriage, honey with gall, wine with mud, and Jerusalem 25 8”,23| honey and gall, and mud wine.”~Besides, even divine Epiphanius 26 8”,23| the Eucharistic bread and wine and water, and to those 27 8”,23| vegetables, without tasting wine or meat. This is further 28 8”,23| by partaking of oil and wine? (though it must be noted 29 8”,23| broken only in respect of wine, and not also in respect 30 8”,23| in them: “We partake of wine, and of a stew without oil.”) 31 8”,23| Great Thursday both from wine and from oil. But as for 32 8”,23| Great Saturday indulge in wine and oil, are obviously breaking 33 8”,23| piece of bread and glass of wine, we reply to this objection, 34 8”,23| objection, that this glass of wine and this piece of bread 35 8”,23| of bread are not ordinary wine and ordinary bread, but, 36 8”,23| contrary, are bread and wine that have been blessed by 37 8”,23| 3) because this glass of wine was the blessed wine, which, 38 8”,23| of wine was the blessed wine, which, after being mixed 39 8”,23| similarly as regards the blessed wine. Hence it is to be inferred 40 8”,23| of a large size, and the wine must be of a correspondingly 41 8”,23| offered water instead of wine — had as the leader of their 42 8”,23| order that the mixture of wine and water may be moderate, 43 8”,23| work them up with sweet wine and eat them, as is prudently 44 8”,23| Laodicea. Presanctified wine, too, used to be kept in 45 8”,23| allows the consumption of wine, oil, and shellfish on the 46 8”,23| holding a cup (or glass) of wine and water, they are to wash 47 8”,23| used to bring bread and wine to church, and after partaking 48 8”,23| he abhorred marriage and wine; he used to say that creation 49 8”,23| Marcion, and did not drink wine, according to Balsamon. 50 8”,23| accidents of the bread and wine, as St. Maximus explains). 51 8”,23| Himself, and to the bread and wine which are being transessentiated

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