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50 necessity
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50 virgin
50 worthy
50 xii
49 acts
49 age

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | century, we find some quite worthy works which interpret the 2 Intro | all those of Nicea I, are worthy of careful consideration. 3 1”,1 | are otherwise found to be worthy, the Canon admits such persons 4 1”,1 | tyranically, but that are worthy, the Canon (either the present 5 1”,9 | ignorance without his being worthy of serving in this capacity, 6 1”,11| fear, after showing fruit worthy of repentance over a period 7 1”,19| thereafter if they appear to be worthy of a diaconate, let them 8 4”,20| they were originally deemed worthy to conduct divine services: 9 4”,23| bishop has not judged them worthy of such permission, and 10 7”,3 | faultless ministers, and worthy of the intellectual sacrifice 11 7”,13| if anyone is found to be worthy to be ordained a Subdeacon, 12 7”,13| with a lawful wife and is worthy to become a Subdeacon, Deacon, 13 7”,14| though the man be thoroughly worthy; but, instead, let him be 14 7”,22| must be imparted to the worthy without the incentive of 15 7”,22| do so, to those who are worthy of it. For it is on this 16 7”,27| Holy Communion alone to the worthy, for vivification, and for 17 7”,32| them as to whether they are worthy according to the definitions 18 7”,32| to whether he is in truth worthy to become a member of the 19 7”,44| women about to be deemed worthy of that sacred habit, first 20 7”,44| of her having been deemed worthy of the angelic habit, as 21 7”,47| if she also appears to be worthy, let her also be elevated 22 7”,47| if the wife, however, is worthy, she may be made a deaconess. 23 7”,58| who are going to be deemed worthy of the intemerate illumination 24 7”,86| faithful, and thus be deemed worthy to partake of the prosphora 25 8”,19| them obedient, as not being worthy of the abbotship and of 26 8”,23| resignations. For, if they are worthy to officiate, let them do 27 8”,23| bishop, or, if he is not worthy to preside over the sacrificial 28 8”,23| thing for one not to be worthy, in a negative sense, and 29 8”,23| deposed. But one is not worthy not only who is guilty of 30 8”,23| the prelacy is not really worthy, as St. Basil the Great 31 8”,23| desires and pleasures is worthy to approach and to come 32 8”,23| as unworthy, but as not worthy. For every unworthy person 33 8”,23| may be described as not worthy, but it is not conversely 34 8”,23| true that whoever is not worthy is also unworthy. For anyone 35 8”,23| that says that he is not worthy ought rather to be praised 36 8”,23| words, and the one deemed worthy of the honor of the great 37 8”,23| a bishop, may, if she be worthy, become a deaconess; and 38 8”,23| have by God been deemed worthy to wear (except for three) — 39 8”,23| the following in a manner worthy of his name and in accordance 40 8”,23| of us, that is, who are worthy and prepared), while fighting 41 8”,23| been dedicated is deemed worthy of the appellation of the 42 8”,23| altar! nor may he be deemed worthy to visit a temple in the 43 8”,23| Ephrem did not judge himself worthy to be buried inside a church, 44 8”,23| Decalogue: “If one is at all worthy to pronounce the name of 45 8”,23| oath, then neither is he worthy to pronounce the name of 46 8”,23| become visible to the eyes of worthy men and women.” And divine 47 8”,23| But we ought to become worthy of the privilege of paying 48 8”,23| Holy Table. Four things are worthy of note in connection with 49 8”,23| sensible and prudent and worthy of the abbotship.~ ~ [283] 50 8”,23| and coenobite should prove worthy for quietude; for then and

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