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violators 3
violence 6
virgilius 1
virgin 50
virginity 25
virgins 14
virtually 4
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50 affairs
50 necessity
50 picture
50 virgin
50 worthy
50 xii
49 acts

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 3 | the other the son of the Virgin. Wherefore he was unwilling 2 3 | was unwilling to call the Virgin, who was His mother with 3 3 | designation of the Holy Virgin). So, therefore, this holy 4 3 | courage to call the Holy Virgin a Theotoke, not as the origin 5 3 | received being from the Holy Virgin, but as having been the 6 3 | together here by the holy and virgin Theotoke Mary, the untarnished 7 4 | days born out of Mary the Virgin and Theotoke, as respects 8 4”,16| 16.~ If any virgin has dedicated herself to 9 4”,16| woman used to be called a virgin. Moreover, they assumed 10 7”,4 | whether she had been a virgin thitherto, or had become 11 7”,39| his aforesaid Canon that a virgin girl over sixteen or seventeen 12 7”,78| to have resulted from the Virgin without confinement (i.e., 13 7”,78| the perfectly immaculate Virgin Mother), we decree that 14 7”,78| this is no honor to the Virgin, at any rate, who gave birth 15 7”,97| the husband of the holy Virgin, and conversely the holy 16 7”,97| and conversely the holy Virgin is called the wife of Joseph, 17 8”,23| or among unmarried and virgin men, or in a middle group 18 8”,23| between married men and virgin men; on which account he 19 8”,23| There are some who take virgin girls without a marriage 20 8”,23| case of the subintroducta virgin these consequences do not 21 8”,23| epic verses that not only a virgin man, but every other man, 22 8”,23| Archangel Gabriel spoke to the Virgin, viz.: “and of his kingdom 23 8”,23| received no flesh from the Virgin, as Basil attests in one 24 8”,23| Council that the All-holy Virgin should be called the Theotoke, 25 8”,23| other Fathers called the Virgin Mary a Theotoke even before 26 8”,23| sweetest appellative of the Virgin, imparted it as a dogmatic 27 8”,23| the first one to call the Virgin a Theotoke, in interpreting 28 8”,23| Romans found out how the Virgin came to be called the Theotoke. 29 8”,23| Alexandria called the All-holy Virgin the Theotoke in writing 30 8”,23| Theotoke never ceased being a virgin, because She would not displease 31 8”,23| deities have you known a Virgin Theotoke?” Eusebius, in 32 8”,23| incarnate out of the holy Virgin and Theotoke Mary.” St. 33 8”,23| 1:46). Only the All-holy Virgin is called a Theotoke, according 34 8”,23| inexistent pseudo gods.~ The Virgin is called the Theotoke as 35 8”,23| of baptism. But the Holy Virgin is said to be a Theotoke 36 8”,23| Council proclaimed Her a Virgin (in its act 11 by means 37 8”,23| to answer by adding the Virgin?” And St. Jerome (Dialogue 38 8”,23| the closed portals of the Virgin’s womb, and thereafter these 39 8”,23| intercourse. For she lived as a virgin to the end of her life, 40 8”,23| ought either to remain a virgin in reality or to marry, 41 8”,23| in other words, a sacred virgin, even those who have abetted 42 8”,23| tries to take such a sacred virgin to wife is also liable to 43 8”,23| unmarried, that is to say, and virgin prelates. Secondly, the 44 8”,23| Exceptionally of the All-holy Virgin Intemerate,” is not an old 45 8”,23| that the deaconess, being a virgin and never having tasted 46 8”,23| she can safely remain a virgin henceforth, whereas the 47 8”,23| VII, ch. 17: “Let a chaste virgin become a deaconess; or, 48 8”,23| the Panagia (or All-holy Virgin), or of the Saints, which 49 8”,23| fully conserved body of the Virgin who never had any experience 50 8”,23| Christ passed through the Virgin like as if through a tube,

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