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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 7”,42| as the life of monks is a picture of repentance, just as a 2 7”,42| repentance, just as a pillar is a picture of what is engraved upon 3 8 | honor paid to the icon (or picture) redounds upon the original,[ 4 8”,23| refused to accept the icon (or picture) of Christ, according to 5 8”,23| that it is not improper to picture them also as Deacons of 6 8”,23| another thing, and an icon (or picture) is a different thing. For 7 8”,23| that if thou insult the picture, or icon, of the King, that 8 8”,23| word icon means simply a picture of any kind whatsoever, 9 8”,23| Another kind of “icon,” or picture, is that which may be called 10 8”,23| discussing here. But a natural picture differs with respect to 11 8”,23| of humanity. An artistic picture, on the contrary, with respect 12 8”,23| human being, whereas his picture (or icon) is inanimate and 13 8”,23| Records) that: “An icon (or picture) is not like the original 14 8”,23| For the hypostasis of the picture (or icon) and that of the 15 8”,23| original can be seen in the picture (or icon), while, on the 16 8”,23| on the other hand, the picture (or icon) subsists in the 17 8”,23| depicted or portrayed in the picture (or icon). And as is further 18 8”,23| fact that in every icon (or picture) there is inscribed, not 19 8”,23| such words as “This is the picture of a human beingsimply, 20 8”,23| words stating that it is a picture of Christ, or of John, and 21 8”,23| asserts that an icon or picture resemble the original only 22 8”,23| however, also a third kind of picture (or icon), which is called 23 8”,23| a figurative or symbolic picture. Thus, for instance, the 24 8”,23| because of the fact that any picture is an effect (in that it 25 8”,23| not furnish a veritable picture of the facts, where by “ 26 8”,23| of the facts, where by “picture” he meant the grace, and 27 8”,23| XCI, said that Sunday is a picture of the future age. Hence 28 8”,23| the one represented by the picture, in the picture, and not 29 8”,23| represented by the picture, in the picture, and not also both the picture 30 8”,23| picture, and not also both the picture and the one therein pictured. 31 8”,23| fact that in this case the picture itself is not called such 32 8”,23| else and relatively. For a picture is the picture of that which 33 8”,23| relatively. For a picture is the picture of that which is pictured, 34 8”,23| person represented in the picture by paying Him worshiping 35 8”,23| Christ, but we adore His picture, or icon, relatively on 36 8”,23| as regards Her icon, or picture, we accord it relative adoration ( 37 8”,23| comes the Cross; then the picture of Christ, the picture of 38 8”,23| the picture of Christ, the picture of the Theotoke, and following 39 8”,23| the contrary, it (sc. the picture) remains common and dishonorable ( 40 8”,23| that Leo III sent such a picture to King Charles of France, 41 8”,23| Pope Urban sent another picture to John Paleologus, and 42 8”,23| Father ought to have His picture painted just as He appeared 43 8”,23| Spirit to be painted in a picture just as It appeared in the 44 8”,23| that one must not think one picture holier than another, nor 45 8”,23| nor expect more from one picture than from another, or place 46 8”,23| in the form of decrees, a picture or icon resembles the original, 47 8”,23| things do not constitute a picture of the Resurrection, but 48 8”,23| the Resurrection, but a picture of the Lord’s descent into 49 8”,23| inscribeWorld” on the picture of him; but, instead thereof, 50 8”,23| thereof, they ought to paint a picture of the prophet Joel saying: “

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