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necessitates 1
necessities 2
necessitous 1
necessity 50
neck 6
necks 1
nectarius 5
Frequency    [«  »]
51 sins
51 wine
50 affairs
50 necessity
50 picture
50 virgin
50 worthy

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,2 | many things, whether of necessity or otherwise urgently demanded 2 1”,2 | Ap. c. LXXX), whether of necessity, or on account of persons 3 1”,4 | on account of some urgent necessity, or because of the long 4 1”,8 | those who were forced by necessity to deny Christ, and that 5 1”,11| of great violence or dire necessity. The present Canon deals 6 1”,11| prompted to do so by any necessity, or peril, or deprivation 7 1”,11| those who without any great necessity denied the faith and ate 8 1”,14| unbaptized as a matter of necessity), as is shown by the funeral 9 2”,2 | Canons, yet as a matter of necessity was allowed by the Council. 10 4”,4 | as a matter of need and necessity they be appointed to do 11 4”,20| motherland or home city by any necessity, or who have suffered an 12 4”,25| unless some unavoidable necessity require the time to be lengthened. 13 4”,25| there be some unavoidable necessity forcing them to prolong 14 7”,30| except in case of great necessity.[158] Canon LIX of the present 15 7”,36| by the circumstances of necessity or be circumscribed as touching 16 7”,36| has been lessened by the necessity of the time and of barbarians, 17 7”,40| and benefit, or some other necessity forcing them towards death, 18 7”,45| inexorable (or “indispensable”) necessity, let them do so with the 19 7”,60| forced by any unendurable necessity and were deluded by such 20 7”,73| as a result of some great necessity. See also the Footnote to 21 7”,79| layman, without any graver necessity or any particular difficulty 22 7”,79| without being under any grave necessity or difficulty forcing him 23 7”,79| a bishop under no graver necessity or difficulty forcing him 24 7”,87| being under the greatest necessity and without a habitation 25 7”,87| without there being any real necessity, as has been said, if he 26 7”,87| temple without any such necessity, in case he be a clergyman, 27 7”,93| men who without any great necessity due to tortures deny the 28 7”,93| were due to violence and necessity that he violated the oath, 29 7”,93| without being under any necessity to do so, he is sentenced 30 8”,6 | done, except in case of necessity and violence, or some reasonable 31 8”,6 | prevented by reason of some necessity or logical reason), he shall 32 8”,16| because of any real need or necessity, but for embellishment incurs 33 8”,18| depart, on account of the necessity of avoiding any offense 34 8”,23| needs, and as a matter of necessity wishes to put up somewhere, 35 8”,23| persons commune as a matter of necessity, they ought not to be rebound 36 8”,23| distress, or, in time of necessity of denuding a woman's body, 37 8”,23| this appeal as a matter of necessity, seeing that the Eusebians 38 8”,23| indispensably, and by every necessity this Canon also baptizes 39 8”,23| except in cases of urgent necessity; see also the Footnote to 40 8”,23| and afterwards when the necessity and sham have passed discards 41 8”,23| except in case of great necessity” because according to St. 42 8”,23| unless it be in case of necessity that one chooses a cleaner 43 8”,23| history under the stress of necessity. For we read that the sacred 44 8”,23| which they spilt must of necessity and indispensably be cut 45 8”,23| bathing on account of a necessity created by sickness.~ ~ [ 46 8”,23| the law, there can be no necessity. And is it possible (you 47 8”,23| first as a result of great necessity and compulsion, and secondly, 48 8”,23| of a church building of necessity, he is not to be condemned; 49 8”,23| happen to arise any great necessity and there should be present 50 8”,23| large one, there must of necessity and indispensably be relics

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