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age 49
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50 worthy
50 xii
49 acts
49 age
49 letters
49 water
48 connection

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | which fixes the minimum age of forty for deaconesses 2 3”,8 | account of his advanced age and tears and the fact that 3 4”,3 | fourteenth years of their age), or a curator, by which 4 4”,3 | twenty-fifth years of their age), and unless the bishop 5 4”,15| ordained a deaconess before the age of forty, and even then 6 7”,1 | safety in every succeeding age; and which has with the 7 7”,1 | the consummation of the age, and that it shall remain 8 7”,1 | consummation (or finish) of the age, as well as the God-imparted 9 7”,14| until he has reached the age of thirty, even though the 10 7”,14| be about thirty years of age,” says Luke, 3:23). Certainly 11 7”,14| until he has reached the age of twenty-five. That is 12 7”,14| until she has reached the age of forty. But may God be 13 7”,14| become a presbyter below the age of thirty, nor a deacon 14 7”,14| nor a deacon below the age of twenty-five, nor a subdeacon 15 7”,14| nor a subdeacon below the age of twenty.” Read also c. 16 7”,15| less than twenty years of age. If anyone has been ordained 17 7”,15| in question, outside the age specified, let him be deposed 18 7”,15| Reader) when he reached the age of adolescence, or, more 19 7”,15| him when eight years of age was omitted when the laws 20 7”,45| much older both in point of age and in point of prudence. 21 7”,83| owing to the infantile age at which they were baptized. 22 7”,97| with laws, at the legal age, that is to say, of a man 23 8”,14| same children on coming to age have had the temerity to 24 8”,23| continuously until extreme old age, not for the sake of giving 25 8”,23| idiom has it, “from the age”), because he misunderstood 26 8”,23| with his tears and his old age. Canon X of Peter the martyr, 27 8”,23| though have neither the age nor the skill to command 28 8”,23| sixteen or seventeen years of age, the present Council, on 29 8”,23| the tenth year of one’s age, since such maturity of 30 8”,23| the tenth year of their age, while those of others are 31 8”,23| tenth year of a person’s age, it is manifest that these 32 8”,23| after the attainment of the age of discretion, or of the 33 8”,23| the tenth year of their age and ought to be punished 34 8”,23| fourteenth year of their age and up, whereas female children 35 8”,23| the tenth year of their age some of them are able to 36 8”,23| the tenth year of their age, since it is told by Solomon 37 8”,23| the tenth year of their age, or even the thirteenth 38 8”,23| at this tender and gentle age of theirs contending and 39 8”,23| sixtieth year, of their age, that the Canon introduces 40 8”,23| the fortieth year of her age, shall be convinced that 41 8”,23| i.e., at such an advanced age, in order to preclude their 42 8”,23| ordained until forty years of age, irrespectively, that is 43 8”,23| had lived badly into old age. Well, the next night the 44 8”,23| the things in the future age are the originals whereof 45 8”,23| the facts of the future age. In like fashion and with 46 8”,23| a picture of the future age. Hence some Fathers called 47 8”,23| impressively in the future age, though at present it is 48 8”,23| modest and well advanced in age, so as not to rouse any 49 8”,23| which lies in the future age, on account of this poverty,

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