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neck 6
necks 1
nectarius 5
need 48
needed 7
needing 1
needlessly 1
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48 connection
48 jews
48 mind
48 need
48 soul
48 union
47 afterwards

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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                                                  bold = Main text
   Council,  Canon                                grey = Comment text
1 Intro | Byzantium more and more felt the need to have authorized commentaries 2 1”,11| transgressed without any need, or without being deprived 3 1”,12| pray with the faithful, and need not leave the church (ahead 4 1”,17| lending his money to those in need of it, yet agreeing with 5 2”,3 | Constantinople, but that later urgent need gave him also the authority 6 4”,3 | and of persons in especial need of ecclesiastical assistance, 7 4”,3 | persons that are in especial need of ecclesiastical help and 8 4”,4 | 90] unless as a matter of need and necessity they be appointed 9 4”,11| who are indigent and in need of assistance, upon proof, 10 4”,11| who are indigent and in need of help, the present Canon 11 4”,11| whether they are truly in need of aid, and, this being 12 4”,19| ecclesiastical matters in need of correction are neglected. 13 4”,19| ecclesiastical affairs in need of adjustment were being 14 7”,16| selected to serve the common need of the Christians then gathered 15 7”,16| given their widows who had need of them were being ignored.” 16 7”,16| Mysteries, but of the common need and of the mess tables of 17 7”,38| president John, by whom, if the need arises, the Bishop of the 18 7”,38| Cyprus, and whenever there is need he shall be ordained by 19 7”,45| out, when there is urgent need of their doing so, only 20 7”,45| any unavoidable and urgent need arise that compels them 21 7”,45| some urgent and unavoidable need, may go out from their monasteries 22 7”,57| without there being any need of doing so (when a Bishop, 23 7”,87| and there arise a great need due to wintry weather and 24 8”,16| and conspicuous clothes need to be corrected; but if 25 8”,16| not because of any real need or necessity, but for embellishment 26 8”,16| not designed to meet some need of the body, but only for 27 8”,22| ary need. Canon III of the lst-&- 28 8”,23| Christ, and on account of the need they had to fight the Huns, 29 8”,23| small city, where there is need of but one presbyter, to 30 8”,23| recovery of his health to need further conversion and repentance, 31 8”,23| again, was faced with the need of adding to the common 32 8”,23| the Fifth Council felt the need of adding something to affirm 33 8”,23| one and the same thing. I need scarcely say that Leo’s 34 8”,23| partake of the Lord’s Body need not be uncontaminated by 35 8”,23| priests there is not so much need of such a prohibition, in 36 8”,23| deacon’s orarion, which need was what required him to 37 8”,23| said before the Entrance need not be repeated, as not 38 8”,23| with their twelfth year. I need scarcely remark in passing 39 8”,23| wildernesses and are in need because of there being priests 40 8”,23| occasion of every illness and need. The major sanctification, 41 8”,23| The holy icons do not need any special prayer or any 42 8”,23| evident that holy icons do not need any special prayer or application 43 8”,23| that the holy icons do not need any anointing with myron 44 8”,23| archbishopric; and whenever there is need of dedicating any temple, 45 8”,23| freely wherever there is need of them, and they are not 46 8”,23| 226) says that if there be need of antimensia, and there 47 8”,23| when there happens to be need of giving the proceeds for 48 8”,23| other brethren that may need to converse with any nun,

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