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jewish 10
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jews 48
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49 letters
49 water
48 connection
48 jews
48 mind
48 need
48 soul

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,7 | in his book VII on the Jews, that it was a large city 2 1”,7 | the entire country of the Jews; and Philo, who says that 3 3”,7 | whether they be Greeks or Jews, or they be members of any 4 3”,7 | to any of the Greeks and Jews and heretics turning away 5 4”,18| out to completion. Those Jews entered into a conspiracy 6 7”,11| wafers manufactured by the Jews, or in any way become familiar 7 7”,11| become familiar with the Jews or call them in case of 8 7”,11| unleavened wafers sent him by Jews, nor indeed be in any way 9 7”,11| in any way friendly with Jews, nor when he finds himself 10 7”,12| offense, neither to the Jews, nor to the Greeks, nor 11 7”,12| not become a scandal to Jews and Greeks and Christians. 12 7”,16| according to others among the Jews who accepted the Old Testament, 13 7”,32| following the custom of the Jews, who made priests only of 14 7”,64| observed by the imperfect Jews sufficed to provoke God 15 7”,75| Interpretation.~The Lord told the Jews (19:46): “It is written, ‘ 16 7”,76| become sentinels to the Jews and Greeks, and to the Church 17 7”,98| the priests (just as the Jews offer the breast or a leg 18 8”,8 | from the religion of the Jews have seen fit to sneer at 19 8”,8 | to church, but shall be Jews openly in accordance with 20 8”,8 | admit into church, those Jews who only hypocritically 21 8”,8 | such persons are to be Jews as they were before, and 22 8”,8 | disparaging the religion of the Jews, in order that other Jews 23 8”,8 | Jews, in order that other Jews may be reproved and corrected, 24 8”,18| give any offense to even Jews and Greeks outside the Church. 25 8”,23| eight months for converted Jews. Canon VIII of the 7th Ecum. 26 8”,23| will not have us accept Jews feigning belief, but only 27 8”,23| criticize the practices of the Jews. Some writers, however, 28 8”,23| Josephus (concerning the Jews, Book VII, ch. 18) the city 29 8”,23| Book XV, ch. 13, on the Jews), there were statues of 30 8”,23| believing nothing more than the Jews, according to divine Epiphanius ( 31 8”,23| heresies, and the Greeks and Jews had a free hand in their 32 8”,23| book 5, ch. 21), left the Jews and became a Christian, 33 8”,23| celebrating festivals with the Jews, and celebrating even the 34 8”,23| after the manner of the Jews (and perhaps on this account 35 8”,23| Orthodox faith, and to the Jews and heretics who were doing 36 8”,23| said that they resemble the Jews, or rather to say the demons 37 8”,23| demons who impelled the Jews to call the Lord possessed, 38 8”,23| days, and to the matters of Jews and Gentiles: for the prelates 39 8”,23| for the prelates of both Jews and Gentiles used to have 40 8”,23| which Judas said to the Jews in betraying the Lord into 41 8”,23| was in fact taken from the Jews and crucified and buried, 42 8”,23| like martyrs.” And against Jews (Discourse 5) he says thus: “ 43 8”,23| Octateuch) says that “even the Jews will not bathe with their 44 8”,23| Paisius, says that when the Jews exclaimed “His blood be 45 8”,23| and infantileness of the Jews for the sake of keeping 46 8”,23| offered by the Greeks and the Jews. For just as those people 47 8”,23| adore the calf. For the Jews learned from this that if 48 8”,23| these things to secular Jews, how much more He forbids

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