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conjunction 3
conjuring 1
connected 8
connection 48
connive 1
consanguinity 1
conscience 6
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49 age
49 letters
49 water
48 connection
48 jews
48 mind
48 need

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,12| and VIII of Nyssa. In this connection, too, c. XXVIII of Nicephorus 2 2”,7 | English language in this connection), otherwise known as Tetradites ( 3 4”,2 | middleman or intermediary in connection with these dealings of greed, 4 4”,21| and accused. See, in this connection, also Ap. c. LXXIV and c. 5 4”,24| have previously asserted in connection with c. IV of the present 6 4”,28| way as the latter is in connection with ecclesiastical matters, 7 7”,3 | performing any functions in connection with the duties of holy 8 7”,13| to practice temperance in connection with their helpmates, in 9 7”,16| that their words in this connection did not pertain to the men 10 7”,16| to what has been said in connection with the previous interpretation 11 7”,31| redemption from sins. And in connection with all churches where 12 7”,64| thing, while, in the same connection, it excommunicates laymen 13 8”,15| greediness for profits in connection with ecclesiastical matters 14 8”,23| ancient custom, not only in connection with Patriarchs, but also 15 8”,23| Patriarchs, but also in connection with Metropolitans, and 16 8”,23| Metropolitans, and not only in connection with ordinations, which 17 8”,23| this imposition of hands in connection with the new grace came 18 8”,23| believed wrongly not only in connection with the mystery of theology 19 8”,23| even waxed blasphemous in connection with the incarnate economy; 20 8”,23| in Book III, ch. 9, in connection herewith: “Though we have 21 8”,23| they were useful also in connection with other services too. 22 8”,23| to serve as assistant in connection with the rites being performed 23 8”,23| the female sex, either in connection with rite of baptism, say, 24 8”,23| rite of baptism, say, or in connection with the function of visiting 25 8”,23| Patriarch, as we shall state in connection with the interpretation 26 8”,23| present Council in this connection may be found there. Having 27 8”,23| union of the two natures in connection with Christ a union with 28 8”,23| humanity, or human nature, in connection with Christ took place in 29 8”,23| came the Tritheites, who in connection with the Holy Trinity were 30 8”,23| in doing parish work in connection with the churches in the 31 8”,23| was a single will only in connection with the humanity of Christ, 32 8”,23| which we have explained in connection with c. XII, and especially 33 8”,23| mentions there, that is to say, connection with these ministers), and 34 8”,23| have occasion to state in connection with c. XXII of Laodioea. 35 8”,23| other small animals. In this connection Symeon of Thessalonica ( 36 8”,23| persons ought to be treated in connection with the monastic life, 37 8”,23| of the 4th.~ ~ [209] In connection with what is here said, 38 8”,23| letters and documents in connection with dishonorable or base 39 8”,23| Greek “the Lord’s days”). In connection with praises bestowed upon 40 8”,23| as is now usually done in connection with the vigils, and especially 41 8”,23| ancients psalmody was done in connection with the psaltery of David. 42 8”,23| the Greek language in this connection, an adequate translation 43 8”,23| whatever else St. Paul says in connection with the name of God by 44 8”,23| comments of Balsamon in connection therewith, but in particular 45 8”,23| whenever anyone swears in connection therewith by the name of 46 8”,23| bishops and monks made in connection with all the eight Acts 47 8”,23| Archbishop of Moscow notes in connection with the second commandment 48 8”,23| things are worthy of note in connection with the present matter

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