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trustees 1
trusting 2
trustworthy 2
truth 47
truthful 1
truthfully 1
truths 1
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47 metropolitans
47 once
47 permitted
47 truth
46 actually
46 came
46 justinian

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 3”,7 | return to recognition of the truth, whether they be Greeks 2 3”,7 | recognition and knowledge of the truth, such persons, if they be 3 7”,1 | previous enemies of the truth, on the ground that he impudently 4 7”,1 | waxed rabid against the truth they courageously condemned 5 7”,1 | word literally) and “in truth a Theotocos” (i.e., when 6 7”,1 | which they outlined of the truth that there were and are 7 7”,1 | authors were enemies of the truth, and snortingly and ravingly 8 7”,1 | all those enemies of the truth, the heretics, that is to 9 7”,2 | taken in hand to barter the truth. If, nevertheless, anyone 10 7”,19| Clergy and the laity words of truth out of the Holy Bible, analyzing 11 7”,19| meanings and judgments of the truth, and not deviating from 12 7”,19| with what is proper and the truth. For by learning things 13 7”,32| him as to whether he is in truth worthy to become a member 14 7”,62| fabricated by the enemies of the truth, as if with an intention 15 7”,62| Infidels and enemies of the truth, wishing to bring accusations 16 7”,71| running to the light of truth, while the other, on the 17 7”,81| shadows as symbols of the truth and preindications handed 18 7”,81| grace, and accept it as the truth in fulfillment of the Law. 19 7”,81| that they prefigured the truth of the Gospel and of grace, 20 7”,81| world. But now that this truth and the realities themselves 21 8”,4 | 4.~ The preacher of the truth Paul, the divine Apostle, 22 8”,5 | rising up against piety and truth, preferring Mammon to obedience 23 8”,20| opinion seems nearer the truth, in so far as it is confirmed 24 8”,23| inasmuch as this is the truth of the matter, and the diocese 25 8”,23| therein characterizing the truth by deeds and words. Finally, 26 8”,23| they celebrate are in very truth mysteries. Woe, however, ( 27 8”,23| called the Theotoke, as in truth she is the Theotoke (because 28 8”,23| made him a preacher of the truth (Dositheus, p. 527, of the 29 8”,23| although this letter is in truth a most orthodox epistle, 30 8”,23| Fathers, because it is in truth a most theologically perfect 31 8”,23| wandering far astray from the truth. For the fact that the Bishop 32 8”,23| had been in reality and truth pre-existent.~ ~ [103] 33 8”,23| respect they were within the truth. The Faster, however, and 34 8”,23| they too were within the truth. That is why the Council 35 8”,23| and said unto him, Of a truth we have kept away from women ( 36 8”,23| to take cognizance of the truth and to correct themselves 37 8”,23| And if we care to tell the truth, with the advancing years 38 8”,23| addition that it would in truth be an exceedingly fine thing 39 8”,23| abominations to God, and are in truth affectations of Greeks and 40 8”,23| Really a most holy custom in truth which our own Christians 41 8”,23| concerning Christianity is in truth to be praised and deserving 42 8”,23| the standard length are in truth nauseating and become offensive 43 8”,23| instead, greatly prefering the truth, let them depict the four 44 8”,23| Augustine, all avouch the same truth. But in addition to all 45 8”,23| also testifies to the same truth. And see ch. 67 of Symeon 46 8”,23| of the Gospel and of the truth of the Gospel were originals, 47 8”,23| Saint did not conceal this truth, but stated in the book

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