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permission 55
permit 14
permits 3
permitted 47
permitting 1
perpereia 2
perperevetai 1
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47 leo
47 metropolitans
47 once
47 permitted
47 truth
46 actually
46 came

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,12| concession, the prelate is permitted to show them still more 2 2”,6 | before, they are not to be permitted to accuse a Bishop, or other 3 2”,6 | others, they are not to be permitted to accuse a Bishop or other 4 3”,7 | decreed that no one should be permitted to offer any different belief 5 3”,8 | the end that no bishop be permitted to usurp and appropriate 6 4”,4 | unless at any time they be permitted to do so by the Bishop of 7 4”,14| some provinces have been permitted to marry, the holy Council 8 4”,14| Canon says that this was not permitted everywhere (and especially 9 4”,16| become monks, let them not be permitted to engage in marriage. If, 10 4”,16| c. XIX of Basil, are not permitted to marry and to violate 11 4”,17| unjustly treated shall be permitted to complain to the Synod 12 4”,20| services in one church are not permitted to be transferred to another 13 4”,24| kept safe, and no more be permitted to serve as mundane haunts 14 4”,24| monasteries are not to be permitted to become common and mundane 15 7”,2 | them; and no one shall be permitted to countermand or set aside 16 7”,6 | being ordained shall be permitted to marry. If he should do 17 7”,9 | if such a person is not permitted to enter a tavern, much 18 7”,9 | tavern, much less is he permitted to serve others in one and 19 7”,23| to the present Canon, is permitted to go to those places where 20 7”,24| have been wronged shall be permitted to bring the matter before 21 7”,30| being duly appointed and permitted by a bishop is to be deposed, 22 7”,42| and see Ap. c. LXXXII) is permitted to renounce and abjure the 23 7”,45| Prioress. They must not be permitted to sleep outside of the 24 7”,49| clergyman or a layman, is permitted to gamble (or to play dice). 25 7”,68| 69.~ Let it not be permitted to anyone among all the 26 7”,68| of the Lord, who has been permitted to enter it, in accordance 27 7”,69| silent. For it has not been permitted them to talk, but to obey, 28 7”,69| silent. For it has not been permitted them to talk but to obey, 29 7”,69| listen to.”~ Women were never permitted to teach or to chant in 30 7”,98| of her priests shall be permitted to accept consecrated pieces 31 7”,98| Zonaras, that the Canon permitted priests to take parts of 32 8”,14| Bishops (Chorepiscopi) are permitted to ordain Anagnosts, in 33 8”,23| Canons, yet they are not permitted to employ an excessive and 34 8”,23| their sins and they are permitted to partake of the divine 35 8”,23| at any rate they are not permitted to put on sacerdotal vestments 36 8”,23| of it.” But, if nobody is permitted to change a single syllable, 37 8”,23| syllable, much less is anyone permitted to add anything to it or 38 8”,23| letter that prelates are permitted to resign from their own 39 8”,23| and indolence) must not be permitted to retain the honor of a 40 8”,23| Apostolic doctrine, but actually permitted the undefilable Church to 41 8”,23| put on the rason is not permitted thereafter to become a layman, 42 8”,23| present Council in its c. XXXI permitted a baptism to be performed 43 8”,23| old St. Sabbas the Great permitted the Armenian Christians 44 8”,23| Trisagion, which they were permitted to chant not in Armenian, 45 8”,23| true and lawful oaths were permitted (Deut. 6:13; Ps. 63:11; 46 8”,23| and alibi). Yes, they were permitted; but they were not required 47 8”,23| quite another. They were permitted on account of the imperfectness

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