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Alphabetical    [«  »]
consecratory 1
consecutive 4
consensus 2
consent 47
consented 2
consenters 1
consenting 1
Frequency    [«  »]
48 union
47 afterwards
47 bread
47 consent
47 cross
47 further
47 gospel

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,5 | until such time as by common consent of the bishops it may seem 2 1”,6 | can be done without their consent and approval or sanction. 3 1”,16| own church, without the consent of his Bishop, from whom 4 2”,2 | be ordained without the consent of the metropolitan, and 5 4”,4 | prayerhouse] without the consent and approval of the Bishop 6 4”,4 | monk, without his owner’s consent and approval. We have decreed 7 4”,4 | an oratory, without the consent and approval of the bishop 8 4”,4 | shorn as a monk without the consent of his owner, lest other 9 4”,4 | a monastery without the consent of the bishop, or after 10 4”,9 | with the permission and consent of his bishop, he may have 11 4”,12| not been ordained with the consent and approval of the Metropolitan 12 4”,24| been consecrated with the consent of the Bishop, they are 13 4”,24| and consecrated with the consent and permission and approval 14 4”,29| his boundaries without the consent and approval of the bishop 15 4”,30| of this sort without the consent and formal approval of their 16 4”,30| consulting him and obtaining his consent and approval. Yet the prelates 17 7”,17| Bishops, and without the consent of their own Bishop have 18 7”,17| go to others without the consent and a dimissory letter of 19 7”,20| foreign province, without the consent, that is to say, of the 20 7”,30| without having obtained the consent of the local Bishop to do 21 7”,30| without the permission and consent of the local bishop: because 22 7”,30| they may do this with his consent and permission. Anyone who 23 7”,36| being nowise disposed to consent to any curtailment of ecclesiastical 24 7”,39| certain and has been done with consent and judgment, after the 25 7”,47| first divorce by common consent of both her and him. And 26 7”,48| established in accordance with the consent and approval of a Bishop 27 8”,19| money in advance in order to consent to admit those applying 28 8”,23| presbyter or deacon without the consent of the bishop in the city, 29 8”,23| built upon lands without the consent of the owners of the lands: 30 8”,23| women seized afterwards consent to the wedding, it is never-the-less 31 8”,23| they have been compelled to consent to it against their will, 32 8”,23| remain valid by virtue of the consent of their parents, as we 33 8”,23| fathers of the women seized consent to them later, as we have 34 8”,23| performed, but if they will not consent to this, they are not to 35 8”,23| their wives (with the mutual consent, that is to say, of the 36 8”,23| beforehand with their mutual consent, and after the ordination 37 8”,23| of the priests, with the consent of his wife, gets a divorce, 38 8”,23| is performed without the consent of the bishop, precisely, 39 8”,23| house of prayer without his consent and approval. There is, 40 8”,23| divorced from him by mutual consent and agreement. 2) She ought 41 8”,23| from her husband by mutual consent, and not by compulsion, 42 8”,23| are doing this by mutual consent and agreement, as St. Paul 43 8”,23| monk or nun without the consent and desire of the other 44 8”,23| obtaining her husband’s consent. So much for the fact that 45 8”,23| become a monk by mutual consent. As for the fact that she 46 8”,23| mode of life only with the consent of both parties, but also 47 8”,23| of those who for money consent to enroll among the clergy

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