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rufinus 5
ruined 2
ruinous 3
rule 46
ruled 4
ruler 10
rulers 23
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46 making
46 perform
46 rank
46 rule
46 therein
45 7
45 appear

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | we strictly applied the rule which says that the lawmaker 2 1”,18| unwilling to submit to this rule, let them be deprived of 3 3”,8 | reverent Bishops. The same rule shall hold good also with 4 3”,8 | Council add that this same rule shall hold also in regard 5 4”,4 | anyone transgressing this rule of ours shall be excluded 6 4”,6 | that the violators of this rule fail to take this into account 7 4”,11| proof, we have made it a rule that they are to travel 8 4”,12| has therefore made it a rule that no Bishop shall hereafter 9 4”,12| holy Council has made it a rule that no bishop shall dare 10 4”,14| holy Council has made it a rule that none of them shall 11 4”,14| anyone transgresses this rule of the holy Council, let 12 4”,14| holy Council makes it a rule that in those regions where 13 4”,14| with heretics. This same rule is also laid down by c. 14 4”,16| therefrom. But we have made it a rule that the local Bishop is 15 4”,19| therefore, has made it a rule, in accordance with the 16 4”,20| after promulgation of this rule, it has been decided that 17 4”,25| fail[108] to carry out this rule, they shall be liable to 18 4”,27| holy Council has made it a rule regarding those who take 19 7”,1 | with the definition (or rule) already previously promulgated 20 7”,7 | shall be exalted.” The same rule shall be observed also with 21 7”,17| whoever fails to abide by this rule hereafter, but, on the contrary, 22 7”,18| own church. Let this same rule apply also to the Bishop 23 7”,22| 23.~ Concerning the rule that no one, whether a Bishop, 24 7”,30| who fails to abide by this rule, let him be deposed from 25 7”,45| that those who violate the rule which we have now made, 26 7”,55| who fail to observe this rule, if they are Clergymen, 27 7”,55| those who fail to keep this rule, if they are clergymen, 28 7”,58| that fails to keep this rule, if he is a clergyman, let 29 7”,69| woman was created, not to rule man, but to help him and 30 7”,92| are subject to the same rule precisely as those who fail 31 7”,96| should fail to observe this rule, if he be a clergyman, let 32 7”,96| failing to observe this rule, if he be a clergyman, let 33 7”,98| guilty of violating this rule be excommunicated. But Balsamon 34 8 | follows: “We define the rule with all accuracy and diligence, 35 8”,11| their own churches. The same rule is to be observed also in 36 8”,14| this from now on. The same rule is to be observed also with 37 8”,17| imbued with a yearning to rule and with a loathness to 38 8”,17| out his plans. The same rule is to be observed also as 39 8”,17| ambitious monks inclined to rule and not to obey others, 40 8”,17| undertake the work. This same rule applies also to laymen or 41 8”,23| Canon and again ratified the rule giving the Bishop of Alexandria 42 8”,23| laws are authoritative to rule even the rulers themselves ( 43 8”,23| authorities, being opposed to the rule and authority of the Pope, 44 8”,23| office and the right to rule the above-mentioned Metropolitans 45 8”,23| performed but twice a year, as a rule: once on the evening of 46 8”,23| monasteries well. This same rule is to hold good also in

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