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perfectly 6
perfer 1
perforce 1
perform 46
performance 4
performed 30
performing 9
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46 justinian
46 laws
46 making
46 perform
46 rank
46 rule
46 therein

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,1 | is a clergyman, let him perform the functions of the clergy. 2 1”,8 | bishop,[14] but he shall not perform any priestly act as a bishop, 3 1”,9 | Balsamon. Or they may cease to perform sacred rites, according 4 1”,18| themselves have no authority to perform the office of administering 5 3”,8 | whereby they shall themselves perform the ordinations of the most 6 3”,8 | as not to permit him to perform ordinations nor to officiate 7 3”,8 | other bishops, though not to perform any himself of his own accord, 8 4”,2 | the unvendible grace, and perform the ordination of a Bishop, 9 4”,10| were ordained, and are to perform the functions of the clergy 10 4”,13| are not to be allowed to perform any function of their clericate 11 4”,25| has decreed that they must perform ordinations within three 12 7”,3 | short while, are again to perform the duties of their priestly 13 7”,20| the office of Bishop and perform the functions of a Presbyter.~( 14 7”,20| office of bishop, and let him perform only the functions, or sacred 15 7”,25| of Christ to others, nor perform any other liturgical office. 16 7”,31| whenever it was requisite to perform the blood sacrifice, pointing 17 7”,36| prejudiced as to their right to perform ordinations of various clergymen 18 7”,60| only, as much for those who perform such diabolical works and 19 8”,5 | the unvendible grace, and perform the ordination of a Bishop, 20 8”,18| is present, let no woman perform any sort of service whatever 21 8”,18| there the women are not to perform any act of service, but 22 8”,23| receive any authority to perform any mystery, but only to 23 8”,23| privilege in the Bema, but who perform many ecclesiastical services 24 8”,23| to enter the Bema or to perform any such services, on account 25 8”,23| unorthodox assemblies and perform unorthodox baptisms, and 26 8”,23| ordained to monasteries, and to perform the functions of holy orders 27 8”,23| either bless or sanctify or perform any other sacred office, 28 8”,23| grant a pardon, and must perform a liturgical service, and 29 8”,23| above are unqualified to perform these things, there are 30 8”,23| either bless or sanctify or perform any other sacerdotal operation, 31 8”,23| conduct sanctifications and to perform the above sacred offices, 32 8”,23| holy orders the right to perform any and every sacerdotal 33 8”,23| to be denied the right to perform other service in the church 34 8”,23| priests of kings and emperors perform sacred rites out in desert 35 8”,23| it becomes necessary to perform sacred rites, the so-called 36 8”,23| passage saying, “Thou shalt perform thy vows to the Lord” (Matt. 37 8”,23| the monk is ever ready to perform ministrations, according 38 8”,23| must always be ready to perform services. The mandyas (which 39 8”,23| though a layman, undertook to perform the functions of those in 40 8”,23| deposed from office who perform any act outside their own 41 8”,23| features these pictures perform miracles (just as they lyingly 42 8”,23| Dodecabiblus) that the holy icons perform miracles either because 43 8”,23| prelates allow others to perform the dedication ceremonies 44 8”,23| Hence all prelates who perform great dedications, and all 45 8”,23| dedications, and all prelates who perform so called small and shorter 46 8”,23| necessities to the nuns and perform services, ought to be tried

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