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47 permitted
47 truth
46 actually
46 came
46 justinian
46 laws
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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | Holy Apostles first; then came those of the ecumenical 2 1”,6 | Patriarch[7]) of Alexandria came to have authority over all 3 1”,6 | fact, the same custom also came to prevail with regard to 4 1”,7 | the salvatory declaration came forth therefrom through 5 1”,7 | that the bishop of Rome came first, the bishop of Alexandria 6 1”,14| stay there until the time came for the catechumensprayer, 7 1”,14| knee. But when the time came for the pronouncement of 8 2”,7 | and especially those who came from the country of the 9 3”,8 | commander (or general), it came to pass that the Bishop 10 3”,8 | Savior. But inasmuch as he came back weeping, not about 11 3”,8 | However, he afterwards came to this holy Ecumenical 12 4”,12| of this two metropolitans came to be in one and the same 13 7”,17| as a result of this they came to be insubordinate, we 14 7”,28| may be said that a custom came to prevail in Africa for 15 7”,29| that this custom originally came from Rome to Barbary, according 16 7”,31| corrects the bad custom which came to prevail in the country 17 7”,31| his side, and forthwith came there out blood and water” ( 18 7”,38| together with his laity and came to the eparchy of the Hellespont ( 19 7”,41| not truly and truthfully, came to call themselves “hermits.” ( 20 7”,88| by saying that the women came at the end of the Sabbath 21 7”,88| hand, by saying that they came “very early in the morning” 22 8”,23| and his spurious doctrines came to prevail so widely that 23 8”,23| connection with the new grace came into prevalence from the 24 8”,23| those who were driveling it came to be called after him Sabellians, 25 8”,23| phrase “the second man (came) from heaven” (1 Cor. 15: 26 8”,23| after the Egyptian bishops came to Byzantium together with 27 8”,23| they and the magistrate came in and found him dead in 28 8”,23| found out how the Virgin came to be called the Theotoke. 29 8”,23| Christianity from Antioch, it came to pass that the bishop 30 8”,23| not know how and why he came to turn in an account in 31 8”,23| paraphrase, that “Eustathius came to the Council, begging 32 8”,23| Eulogius: “Do you know why I came? I came in order to thank 33 8”,23| Do you know why I came? I came in order to thank you because 34 8”,23| Monophysites. From them came the Tritheites, who in connection 35 8”,23| Canons; but I know not how it came about that this Twenty-eighth 36 8”,23| incarnation. Hence, when it came to pass that a disturbance 37 8”,23| soon thereafter as piety came to flourish, nature of herself 38 8”,23| occasion of Great Thursday came to prevail in Africa, or 39 8”,23| partaking of them just as they came out of the Savior’s life-producing 40 8”,23| Surely none of the men that came up out of Egypt, from twenty 41 8”,23| black garments after they came to the monastery or convent. 42 8”,23| gold cross round his neck came to be recognized as a Christian 43 8”,23| anything to the poor, things came to such a pass that one 44 8”,23| intervened until the time came for baptism is plainly evident 45 8”,23| course of a single day it came to pass that a child was 46 8”,23| heresy to another, at last he came to Paul the bishop of the

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