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merciful 1
mercy 16
mere 15
merely 45
merit 5
meritorious 1
meritoriousness 2
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45 iv
45 ix
45 laity
45 merely
45 offer
45 seventh
44 christian

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | In many cases, the canons merely endorsed customs which were 2 1”,7 | to Jerusalem, since it is merely a metropolis, while Jerusalem 3 1”,18| chastises them more lightly, by merely lowering their proper station. ~ ~ ~ 4 2”,3 | i.e., of the Fourth Ec. C). merely confirmed this.[51] Read 5 3 | lived as a son of man, not merely with respect to will and 6 4”,2 | sealing them;[85] others are merely nominated, without a seal, 7 4”,12| this. As for anyone that merely attempts to do such a thing, 8 7”,20| publicly, because if he merely answers questions asked 9 7”,53| 18:6), God-bearing Basil merely enumerated some of the forbidden 10 7”,69| vocal utterance, and not merely articulate speech. In fact, 11 7”,69| or a spiritual agent, is merely deluding himself; he is 12 7”,69| Easter whom one would shudder merely to listen to.”~ Women were 13 7”,76| And if, as Zonaras says, merely meeting a woman in general 14 8”,2 | himself is that a person who merely reads it easily forgets 15 8”,23| they ought to take food merely in order to obtain nourishment, 16 8”,23| ordain nothing new, but merely to confirm the practices 17 8”,23| what he said was true, and merely explained in what way he 18 8”,23| text of the holy Creed, not merely a single word, but even 19 8”,23| respecting the faith, but were merely developments or expansions 20 8”,23| the First were additions merely of words, and did not involve 21 8”,23| that same faith, adding merely the article deficiently 22 8”,23| have it appear to be, and merely an addition of words, yet 23 8”,23| definition from the letter was merely the assertion that the two 24 8”,23| not subject to appeal, but merely says indefinitely that no 25 8”,23| claim any such right, but merely insisted that the priorities ( 26 8”,23| By this I mean that they merely cease being actually sacred, 27 8”,23| force, because it is not merely a matter of control or ownership, 28 8”,23| But as for any woman that merely pretends to have been seized 29 8”,23| bishops of the Egyptians merely give others as sureties 30 8”,23| imperial rulers, and was merely a requirement of the civil 31 8”,23| although the divine Apostles merely allowed prelates to have 32 8”,23| though the Canon of Basil merely allows priests who have 33 8”,23| Again we ask, if one who has merely promised to become a caloyer ( 34 8”,23| that the renunciation not merely of living particulars, but, 35 8”,23| I omit to state that not merely is it a fact that a married 36 8”,23| remain,” he says, “that not merely as regarding temporal, but 37 8”,23| For if that nun who was merely overcome by untimely words, 38 8”,23| Christians is not a death, but merely a sleep, from which they 39 8”,23| another. If, however, the wife merely deserts her husband without 40 8”,23| investigated and proven, they merely exclude them from Communion, 41 8”,23| making bronze pillars, but merely in order to make it plain 42 8”,23| to represent, but at most merely exhibit them in relief, 43 8”,23| felt in space, instead of merely appearing as such to the 44 8”,23| in such a case it means merely honor. Just as is the case 45 8”,23| is done when one adores merely the one represented by the

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