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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,3 | clergymen ought not to cause the laity any suspicion or scandal. 2 1”,5 | with the clergy and the laity, or, conversely, that the 3 1”,5 | that the clergy and the laity have shown towards the prelate, 4 1”,11| oblation in prayers with the laity.~(c. VI of Ancyra; c. III 5 1”,11| join in prayer with the laity. That is to say, in other 6 1”,11| the nave), and to beg the laity entering the church to pray 7 2”,6 | orders and disturbing the laity, on this account it has 8 4”,17| in case anyone deems any laity belonging to another to 9 4”,17| assault, he shall lose that laity, even though it really were 10 4”,26| any suspicion among the laity and giving it cause to accuse 11 7”,5 | mother in relation to the laity. Anyone among persons that 12 7”,13| the common interest of the laity (according to c. III, that 13 7”,19| teach all the Clergy and the laity words of truth out of the 14 7”,19| the aforesaid Fathers, the laity, being apprised of the important 15 7”,19| teach all the Clergy and the laity every day in the week, and 16 7”,19| taught by the Fathers, the laity learn what things are of 17 7”,27| thus distribute both to the laity, we have seen fit to decree 18 7”,27| they shall impart to the laity of the oblation only, regarding 19 7”,27| impart both together to the laity, on this account and for 20 7”,27| and hands them out to the laity, by way of thanking God 21 7”,32| speak from the pulpit to the laity the divine words, in accordance 22 7”,32| the divine words to the laity[163] unless he first receives 23 7”,32| anagnosts to bow to the laity after reading. Read also 24 7”,38| departed thence with his laity and has come to the eparchy 25 7”,38| province) together with his laity and came to the eparchy 26 7”,68| to anyone among all the laity to enter within the sacred 27 7”,95| these facts is that the laity ought to cut their hair 28 8”,2 | intercourse with and teach the laity about him. For the essentiality 29 8”,2 | psalter, in order to teach his laity therefrom so that they may 30 8”,14| the divine books to the laity (perhaps trusting to that 31 8”,21| communicate with a monk unless the laity themselves with that bishop 32 8”,23| withdrawal and disorder of the laity, he does not accept it. 33 8”,23| living together causes the laity, as the present Canon states 34 8”,23| teaching and protection of the laity. But if these assertions 35 8”,23| and imparts them to the laity, not that he is a priest, 36 8”,23| Divine Scriptures to the laity while standing on a high 37 8”,23| not the protection of the laity, but ambition and greed; 38 8”,23| this one of not giving the laity but of one kind, or, in 39 8”,23| For it was thus that the laity (or people) mourned for 40 8”,23| to attracting the simple laity by means of their pleasant 41 8”,23| consistent. For among us the laity commences morning prayer 42 8”,23| tell the bishop and the laity to conduct their supplication 43 8”,23| forbidden to be done by the laity in general, how much more 44 8”,23| their beard, to teach the laity not to be body-lovers and 45 8”,23| For God forbids men of the laity in general to shave their

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