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appealed 4
appealing 1
appeals 4
appear 45
appearance 8
appeared 25
appearing 1
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46 rule
46 therein
45 7
45 appear
45 iv
45 ix
45 laity

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | canons on this question appear to us to be arbitrary and 2 Intro | comparable cases.64 It would appear logical to allow without 3 1”,1 | disregarded, as it would appear, on this account it became 4 1”,4 | made a bishop. There hence appear to be two significations 5 1”,5 | of the bishops, until it appear reasonable to the common 6 1”,8 | orders and clergymen, and not appear to be wholly deprived of 7 1”,19| examination as to whether they appear to be blameless and irreproachable, 8 1”,19| and thereafter if they appear to be worthy of a diaconate, 9 2 | conciliar letter of his appear therein.[38] Later, however, 10 2 | Hence, in order to let it appear that it professed the same 11 3”,1 | the bishops who failed to appear at this holy Council on 12 4”,2 | If, in fact, anyone even appear as a middleman or factor 13 7”,2 | are found formulated, they appear to me to contain nothing 14 7”,2 | nevertheless, anyone should appear to be attempting to corrupt 15 7”,40| heart, and the fact must appear and be verified by test 16 7”,70| nor moreover must they appear upon the theater stage, 17 7”,86| If, therefore, it should appear that a wife has departed 18 8”,4 | the chief Shepherd shall appear in person, ye shall receive 19 8”,5 | hand, anyone ever should appear to have done this with a 20 8”,5 | If, in fact, anyone even appear as a middleman or factor 21 8”,23| years old and nevertheless appear as pretty as girls and young 22 8”,23| These chorepiscopi, in fact, appear to be in some cases presbyters 23 8”,23| things, it would nevertheless appear that the opinion of this 24 8”,23| one of such Christ-deniers appear after the recovery of his 25 8”,23| Injunctions she does not appear to carry out the male deacon' 26 8”,23| definition of faith wherein they appear to confess a single divinity 27 8”,23| development, as they would have it appear to be, and merely an addition 28 8”,23| at the latter. It would appear, however, that there were 29 8”,23| such testimony it would appear that he considers a subdeacon 30 8”,23| footing. Yet they do not appear to be one and the same on 31 8”,23| these facts are stated, they appear severe and grievous to priests 32 8”,23| from prelates, it would appear, by implication receive 33 8”,23| many noteworthy things appear to have occurred in ecclesiastical 34 8”,23| the bishop. Then, if it appear that this was a result of 35 8”,23| penance, lest the Devil appear with that method and complicity 36 8”,23| some of the later writers appear to have sundered it two; 37 8”,23| 193] Mathematicians appear to have been the same as 38 8”,23| now being chanted do not appear to be old, but, on the contrary, 39 8”,23| and prolongations; they appear to have come into existence 40 8”,23| it curly, or in order to appear at all times like beardless 41 8”,23| order to become tender and appear handsome; or who dye their 42 8”,23| their beard, in order not to appear to be old men. This same 43 8”,23| all had beards, as they appear in their pictures painted 44 8”,23| eye alone, they no longer appear to be, nor have they any 45 8”,23| bodies proper they actually appear and become visible to the

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