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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | Fathers of Nicea.1 St. Basil, writing to a priest to order him 2 1”,8 | them to confess to this in writing, to wit, that they will 3 1”,8 | nevertheless, they must confess in writing that they have to keep all 4 2”,6 | they themselves have in writing agreed to incur the same 5 2”,7 | libelli (i.e., recantations in writing) and anathematize every 6 2”,7 | demanded this stipulation in writing from Novatians particularly 7 3”,8 | Evagrius of Solon, who in writing as well as viva voce reported 8 5 | Nestorius, left these records in writing upon their death (especially 9 7”,2 | Canons were composed in writing to serve in the way of contributions 10 7”,31| them handed down to us in writing the mystical hierurgy, have 11 7”,94| have to anathematize in writing their own heresy and their 12 8”,23| in Alexandria, stated in writing that the ordinations of 13 8”,23| Patriarchs. That is why, in writing to Flavian of Antioch, against 14 8”,23| that Peter of Antioch in writing to the Bishop of Aquileia 15 8”,23| the bishop of Rome, in writing to Phanius the bishop of 16 8”,23| Metropolitan of Crete, in writing to some monk by the name 17 8”,23| Nestorius) has set forth in writing concerning the incorporation 18 8”,23| Cyril of Alexandria, in writing to Nestorius, says that 19 8”,23| All-holy Virgin the Theotoke in writing to Alexander of Constantinople ( 20 8”,23| possibility that this liberty of writing creeds might result in the 21 8”,23| Orthodoxy, decided to forbid the writing of creeds henceforth other 22 8”,23| But it did not forbid the writing of a different creed in 23 8”,23| Cyril. For the latter in writing to John of Antiocheia says 24 8”,23| time of the Sixth Ec. C. in writing to the Emperors of Rome 25 8”,23| and of Rome Virgilius in writing to Eutychius of Constantinople 26 8”,23| Theophylactus of Bulgaria said in writing a letter to Nicholas Diaconus: “ 27 8”,23| himself informs us. For in writing to St. Gregory of Nyssa 28 8”,23| protection” is meant office). In writing to Philagrius, on the other 29 8”,23| the bishop of Methone in writing against the principle of 30 8”,23| Pope Nicholas, again, in writing against Photius to Emperor 31 8”,23| Theologian, on the other hand, in writing against Julian, calls them “ 32 8”,23| nor Pope Celestinus in writing against Nestorius, or John 33 8”,23| anathematized. And Pope Agatho in writing to Pogonatus attested the 34 8”,23| Collection of Councils), and in writing to Emperor Charles of France 35 8”,23| which was not embodied in writing but was handed down orally 36 8”,23| Fathers: for St. Jerome in writing to St. Augustine says, “ 37 8”,23| Studite refers to it in writing in his will. You cannot 38 8”,23| in his Letter No. 45), in writing to Armentarius, says that 39 8”,23| Neocaesarea) mentions in writing: “The customs now prevailing 40 8”,23| Adrian accepts this one in writing to Tarasius. Note that according 41 8”,23| belonged, who shall affirm in writing with the Gospels as witnesses 42 8”,23| reign of Copronymus, in writing against the holy icons, 43 8”,23| Pope Gregory II says in writing to St. Germanus (for the 44 8”,23| the Hebrews). Hence, in writing to Symeon the bishop of

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