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hot 7
hour 5
hours 4
house 44
household 2
households 3
housekeepers 1
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45 seventh
44 christian
44 get
44 house
44 left
44 reply
44 volume

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,3 | have a strange woman in his house, and to live with her, excepting 2 1”,3 | any strange woman in their house. Except that they may keep 3 7”,3 | divorcee, or a harlot, or house servant, or an actress to 4 7”,5 | a woman staying in their house, or a servant girl, unless 5 7”,7 | taking the last seat in the house. But, instead, when you 6 7”,30| private dwelling, or in a house of prayer, or one called 7 7”,58| is in an oratory within a house at the time; but let those 8 7”,58| oratory contained in a private house, but only in catholic, and 9 7”,64| two courts of the Lord’s house, and passed his children 10 7”,73| to eat them inside of a house, or to lay a table with 11 7”,75| not to make His Father’s house a house of merchandise ( 12 7”,75| make His Father’s house a house of merchandise (John 2:16). 13 7”,75| 46): “It is written, ‘My house shall be called a house 14 7”,75| house shall be called a house of prayer’ (Isa. 56:7); 15 7”,75| said for us not to make the house of his Father a house of 16 7”,75| the house of his Father a house of merchandise, and He even 17 7”,75| making the temple a common house, he drove them away with 18 7”,76| general on the street or at a house is enough to disturb the 19 7”,86| who keeps his wife in his house after she has been adulterously 20 8”,10| receive these persons in any house or church without the permission 21 8”,13| saying: “Make not my Father’s house a house of merchandise” ( 22 8”,13| not my Father’s house a house of merchandise” (John 2: 23 8”,13| which say, “Make not the house of my Father a house of 24 8”,13| the house of my Father a house of merchandise,” etc. Read 25 8”,20| separately; the tribe of the house of David separately, and 26 8”,20| and the tribe of the house of Levi separately, and 27 8”,23| who keep women in their house or have women staying with 28 8”,23| beardless young men in their house as subintroducti and are 29 8”,23| every Christian out of his house; afterwards he commanded 30 8”,23| for women confined to the house, through whom the Lord's 31 8”,23| of Constantinople in the house of a yokel, according to 32 8”,23| shall be given to the divine house and temple (or church) whose 33 8”,23| in a special place in a house or boat separated with holy 34 8”,23| s Supper in an ordinary house, unless it be in case of 35 8”,23| chooses a cleaner place and house. That is why even in time 36 8”,23| hand, what becomes of that house wherein Mysteries were offered, 37 8”,23| to the effect that that house or place in which men assembled 38 8”,23| liturgical services in a house of prayer without his consent 39 8”,23| front of the doors of every house, which ought to be prohibited 40 8”,23| the priest sanctify their house, and by sprinkling themselves 41 8”,23| bar; let us surround our house with it instead of a wall” ( 42 8”,23| merchandise was converting the house of prayer into a cave of 43 8”,23| to let me be placed in a house of God, or underneath an 44 8”,23| into a common and plain house. The imperial laws command

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