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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 2”,7 | wants all Paulianists to get baptized in any case without 2 2”,7 | see c. XCV of the 6th) to get baptized when they become 3 4”,4 | as a pretext and lure to get themselves honored, and 4 4”,12| Emperors have contrived to get Imperial edicts (for these 5 7”,23| and Satanic games, he must get up at once and depart, just 6 7”,29| desire to circumvent, or get round, the legislation embodied 7 7”,40| longer to have permission to get out when they wish, except 8 7”,40| these they should try to get out, they are to be forcibly 9 7”,42| to go to a monastery and get tonsured,[171] even though 10 7”,53| as illicit led nature to get confused, we have concurred 11 7”,60| men and what they are to get in the future and that they 12 7”,71| immiscible, nor to let a wolf get tangled up with a sheep, 13 7”,71| and the lot of sinners get tangled up with the portion 14 7”,71| for an Orthodox woman to get married to a heretical man. 15 7”,77| particulars of the faith when they get well.~ ~ ~ 16 7”,87| animals (Luke ch. 13), or to get them out of a pit if they 17 7”,92| husbands have disappeared, get married (again), are subject 18 7”,92| if the wives of soldiers get married a second time, on 19 7”,92| and safer for her not to get married. The rest of the 20 8”,5 | persons who intended to get themselves enrolled in the 21 8”,5 | of mind, not in order to get the clergyship therewith, 22 8”,5 | this comes in later but to get themselves enrolled in the 23 8”,15| excuse that they cannot get along with the emoluments 24 8”,23| mentioned; in fact they get to be forty years old and 25 8”,23| the chorepiscopus has to get written permission from 26 8”,23| however, when he plotted to get possession of the throne 27 8”,23| mysteries unless he first get divorced and do his penance, 28 8”,23| be ordained a prelate to get a divorce from him beforehand 29 8”,23| deposed from office are not to get the mundane guise, or to 30 8”,23| for the one baptized to get married. Both the foregoing 31 8”,23| holy pieces of bread should get mouldy (in the accidents 32 8”,23| solemnly undertake not to get married a second time, just 33 8”,23| as a person who fails to get baptized is not a Christian, 34 8”,23| This means: 1) She ought to get divorced from him by mutual 35 8”,23| the fact that a woman must get divorced from one about 36 8”,23| Mysteries, and afterwards get married, as we have said. 37 8”,23| which one of them should get such or such a pupil. For 38 8”,23| teacher thus indicated was to get the pupil in question. Accordingly, 39 8”,23| while another man would get drunk (a rich man, that 40 8”,23| has died, she shall not get married unless she herself 41 8”,23| letter from them shall not get married for a year thereafter. 42 8”,23| other hand, she does not get married in this manner, 43 8”,23| the Orthodox. So, then, get it into your head and understand 44 8”,23| is the Creator? Avaunt, get thee away from me, strange

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