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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | core of Church Law in the Christian East, even today. They also 2 Intro | can mention the names of Christian Wolf31 and John Cabassut; 3 1 | poorly enough acquainted with Christian theology. Among the members 4 1”,2 | mystery of piety (i.e., of the Christian religion), and right after 5 1”,12| appears to be speaking of Christian soldiers living in the time 6 1”,12| decrees thus: As regarding all Christian soldiers who having been 7 4”,14| person joined to the Orthodox Christian to the Orthodox faith. If, 8 4”,14| promise to become an Orthodox Christian, let him first become one 9 4”,14| but also by any Orthodox Christian man or woman in general 10 7”,1 | erased and expunged from the Christian Roll like an alien, and 11 7”,2 | and security of the most Christian flock, not in the least 12 7”,38| ruling powers of the most Christian empire, by the providence 13 7”,42| It is permissible for a Christian to choose the ascetic mode 14 7”,42| Canon decrees that every Christian (who is under his own control, 15 7”,66| present Canon commands that no Christian eat the blood of any animal, 16 7”,69| nature and destiny of a Christian woman, just as are the priesthood 17 7”,69| Elizabeth. Therefore let Christian women emulate her. The ancient 18 7”,73| Laodicea, which prohibits Christian people from holding agapae, 19 7”,76| with women, nor ought any Christian layman do so. For this is 20 7”,76| ascetics, or in general any Christian layman ought not to bathe 21 7”,82| time as an idolater any Christian that pays and hires women 22 7”,98| content with whatever parts a Christian offers them; the offer of 23 8”,2 | Interpretation.~While all Christian laymen ought to meditate 24 8”,8 | has become willing to be a Christian, he is not to be accepted 25 8”,8 | shall have a slave who is a Christian, nor circumcise anyone who 26 8”,8 | heretic have a slave who is a Christian, but the moment he acquires 27 8”,23| first of all drove every Christian out of his house; afterwards 28 8”,23| afterwards he commanded that all Christian soldiers in every city in 29 8”,23| they really were Orthodox Christian women; as to whether they 30 8”,23| the second century of the Christian era. Others said that they 31 8”,23| left the Jews and became a Christian, and was ordained a presbyter 32 8”,23| but also by every Orthodox Christian. Nor did it forbid heretics 33 8”,23| condemnable and an alien to every Christian confession. For to subtract, 34 8”,23| fellow, after becoming a Christian, seeing that Severus sent 35 8”,23| how is it that no other Christian amid their quarrels and 36 8”,23| that no Jew must take a Christian woman to wife, nor must 37 8”,23| Jewess be taken to wife by a Christian man. For anyone that does 38 8”,23| as a saint and Orthodox Christian, and that it acknowledged 39 8”,23| to get baptized is not a Christian, so too anyone that fails 40 8”,23| For the death of every Christian is called a birthday, according 41 8”,23| Are you not ashamed, O Christian, to bring into your home 42 8”,23| they, although being old Christian women, employ the name of 43 8”,23| came to be recognized as a Christian by the Greeks; and Pancratius 44 8”,23| that he wished to become a Christian really and to perfection.

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