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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 7”,3 | away; or even those whose wives by a second marriage have 2 7”,3 | because of their second wiveshaving died, they, I say, 3 7”,12| continue living with their own wives even after the ordination 4 7”,12| and will not abandon their wives, thus becoming an object 5 7”,12| keep on living with their wives, and thus cause others a 6 7”,12| prelates may live with their wives in sobriety and continence, 7 7”,13| further intercourse with their wives. Continuing, however, in 8 7”,13| their intercourse with their wives, nor depriving them of their 9 7”,13| have intercourse with their wives no more, we, following the 10 7”,13| intercourse with their own wives when held at the proper 11 7”,13| temperately abstain from their wives in time of fasting and of 12 7”,13| lawfully mingling with their wives, let him be deposed from 13 7”,29| shall cohabit with these wives no more, in any manner whatsoever, 14 7”,29| reverence, agree with their wives and abstain from carnal 15 7”,29| not to cohabit with their wives any longer in any way: for 16 7”,29| and association with their wives prompts them to have carnal 17 7”,92| committing adultery. Likewise the wives of soldiers, who, when their 18 7”,92| Basil. Likewise if the wives of soldiers get married 19 7”,92| that is to say, than have wives of non-soldiers who have 20 7”,96| persons dwelt with their wives and which they treated like 21 8”,20| David separately, and their wives apart; . . . and the tribe 22 8”,20| Levi separately, and their wives apart” (Zech. 12:12-13).[ 23 8”,23| Timothy: “Even so must their wives be modest, not calumniators, 24 8”,23| promise to abstain from their wives (with the mutual consent, 25 8”,23| that is to say, of the wives). The present Council, on 26 8”,23| must abstain from their wives and not even live with them 27 8”,23| obliged to abstain from their wives too, in its Canon XXX it 28 8”,23| Council says, with their wives even after they had promised 29 8”,23| allowed prelates to have wives, but did not make this a 30 8”,23| and Gentiles used to have wives. Hence divine Chrysostom ( 31 8”,23| have separated from their wives, either at death or by mutual 32 8”,23| not have been near their wives, whether they were men in 33 8”,23| Hebrews not to go near their wives for three days, in order 34 8”,23| three days come not at your wives” (Exod. 19:15), it is far 35 8”,23| ought to confess with their wives, and fast, and prepare themselves 36 8”,23| like virgins from their wives by agreement. But this Ecumenical 37 8”,23| abstain permanently from their wives many of them be compelled 38 8”,23| priests to divorce their wives forcibly (I say forcibly 39 8”,23| secure them when they had wives, were forced for the glory 40 8”,23| office to divorce their wives against their will), and 41 8”,23| the priests to have their wives. So let the wretches blame 42 8”,23| mingle carnally with their wives and on the same day to conduct 43 8”,23| from sleeping with their wives throughout Novational Week,

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