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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | success not only among the Greeks but also among the southern 2 1 | the bishops present were Greeks; among the Latins we know 3 2”,7 | are willing to accept as Greeks. Accordingly, on the first 4 2”,7 | I say, we accept them as Greeks, or, in other words, as 5 3”,7 | the truth, whether they be Greeks or Jews, or they be members 6 3”,7 | to offer it to any of the Greeks and Jews and heretics turning 7 4”,18| most of their laws from the Greeks,[105] this thing ought still 8 7”,12| to the Jews, nor to the Greeks, nor to the Church of God: 9 7”,12| become a scandal to Jews and Greeks and Christians. Just as 10 7”,16| the believers among the Greeks (or according to others 11 7”,60| wicked things which the Greeks used to affectdivination, 12 7”,61| falsely called gods among Greeks, after an old custom which 13 7”,61| every month, on which the Greeks were accustomed to celebrate 14 7”,61| who was supposed by the Greeks to be the patron of sheep 15 7”,61| epithet of Dionysus among the Greeks of the north was Bromius, 16 7”,61| equivalent of Dionysia, as the Greeks called it. So the present 17 7”,61| of the pseudo gods of the Greeks. It decrees in addition 18 7”,64| and in imitation of the Greeks and heathen, some Christians 19 7”,76| sentinels to the Jews and Greeks, and to the Church of God ( 20 7”,93| accordance with the custom of the Greeks swear, either by the gods 21 7”,93| falsely so called of the Greeks, by saying, for instance, “ 22 7”,93| and take the oaths of the Greeks, just as they themselves, 23 7”,93| accordance with the custom of the Greeks. Wherefore no such oath, 24 7”,93| accordance with the custom of the Greeks forbidden to Christians, 25 7”,94| Orthodoxy, we accept them as Greeks. Accordingly, on the first 26 8”,18| offense to even Jews and Greeks outside the Church. So if 27 8”,23| mistake of the godlessness of Greeks to ordain priestesses to 28 8”,23| other heresies, and the Greeks and Jews had a free hand 29 8”,23| the Son, in addressing the Greeks, he says: “For where among 30 8”,23| with the women among the Greeks who were mythologically 31 8”,23| was wont to hand it to the Greeks who were joining the Orthodox 32 8”,23| that in those times for the Greeks who were living in a state 33 8”,23| word signifying what the Greeks call sophia, usually translated 34 8”,23| and do the works of the Greeks; for even the demons used 35 8”,23| in truth affectations of Greeks and alien to Christians, 36 8”,23| recognized as a Christian by the Greeks; and Pancratius of Tauromeneia 37 8”,23| heresies, we receive as Greeks (as impious persons, that 38 8”,23| Peter close-shaven, as the Greeks say, like a “fine bridegroom,” 39 8”,23| sacrifices offered by the Greeks and the Jews. For just as 40 8”,23| and inexistent gods of the Greeks. We call those images which 41 8”,23| but also the custom of the Greeks fostered the erection of 42 8”,23| being commonly used by the Greeks in a general way with reference 43 8”,23| the superstitions of the Greeks and heathens, and they ought

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