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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | the invalidity of Roman Catholic baptism is particularily 2 1 | subject to change, [them] the Catholic Church anathematizes. ~The 3 1”,8 | claiming to be adherents of the catholic and apostolic Church, it 4 1”,8 | adhere to the dogmas of the catholic and apostolic Church. That 5 1”,8 | adhere to the dogmas of the catholic Church in everything. Wherever 6 1”,8 | there is a Bishop of the catholic Church, and some of them 7 1”,8 | such Novatians join the catholic Church, it has appeared 8 1”,8 | to keep all dogmas of the catholic Church, that they will accept 9 1”,8 | no Orthodox bishop of the catholic Church. But if in the same 10 1”,9 | not admit them. For the catholic Church insists upon irreproachability.~( 11 1”,9 | orders. Because, it says, the catholic Church demands and wants 12 1”,13| communion.[27] And to lay down a catholic and common canon, let the 13 1”,19| afterwards took refuge in the catholic Church, it is made a definition 14 1”,19| ordained by a Bishop of the catholic Church. But if the investigation 15 1”,19| who later resorted to the catholic Church, that the Canon and 16 1”,19| ordained by a Bishop of the catholic and Orthodox Church, since 17 2”,3 | which is contrary to all the catholic Church, and acceptable only 18 2”,6 | or, in other words, the catholic Bishops who have been ordained 19 2”,7 | the same beliefs as the catholic and apostolic Church of 20 2”,7 | not believe as the holy catholic and apostolic Church of 21 3”,8 | making the Canon general and catholic, the Fathers of this Council 22 4”,14| into the communion of the catholic Church. But if they have 23 4”,14| must bring them into the catholic Church. Accordingly, if 24 4”,17| heretics converted to the catholic unity shall be subject to 25 4”,17| that throne to which the catholic union of Orthodox Christians 26 4”,30| because they opposed the catholic faith, but on the allegation 27 7 | and confirmed by the whole catholic Church, notwithstanding 28 7”,58| illumination come to the catholic churches and there enjoy 29 7”,58| private house, but only in catholic, and consequently enthroned, 30 7”,94| not believe as the holy catholic and Apostolic Church of 31 7”,94| afterwards taken refuge in the Catholic Church, a definition has 32 7”,95| thing that is alien to the Catholic Church. Note, however, that 33 8”,23| themselves, but to what the catholic Church says about them. 34 8”,23| We note here, however, a catholic and general axiom that all 35 8”,23| schismatics returning to the catholic Church ought to be accepted 36 8”,23| dogma, and it was and is a catholic tenet of the Church. But, 37 8”,23| the Orthodox belief of the catholic Church, which dogmatizes 38 8”,23| was and is a dogma of the catholic Church. That is why neither 39 8”,23| by a local, and not by a catholic, Canon. And how do we know 40 8”,23| officiation the higher and more catholic operation of holy orders, 41 8”,23| recorded in the archives of the catholic church, thereby preventing 42 8”,23| namely, the statues, the catholic (Orthodox) Church not only 43 8”,23| is doing, and the entire Catholic Church; and not that we

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