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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon                        grey = Comment text
1 4”,9 | deacon, or a clergyman, or an abbot, or a monk, his bishop shall 2 4”,24| the 7th also prohibits any abbot from alienating the monasteries’ 3 4”,26| the church, so ought an abbot to have a steward to manage 4 8 | another presbyter and the abbot of the monastery of St. 5 8”,11| appointed for them by their abbot, or, if he will not do this, 6 8”,12| 12.~ If any Bishop or any Abbot be found disposing of productive 7 8”,12| and let the Bishop, or the Abbot, respectively, who does 8 8”,12| of the Bishopric, and the Abbot out of the Monastery — on 9 8”,12| from the bishopric, or an abbot from a monastery, and turn 10 8”,12| happen that the bishop or abbot alleges that such or such 11 8”,12| from the bishopric, and any abbot who has done so is to be 12 8”,14| imposition of hands, each Abbot is given permission to do 13 8”,14| laid upon that very same Abbot himself by a Bishop to enable 14 8”,14| have the presidency of an Abbot — that is to say, more plainly 15 8”,14| it is permissible for the abbot of a monastery, provided 16 8”,14| priest and has been made an abbot by imposition of the hands 17 8”,18| women, and a Bishop, or an Abbot, wants to go to there, while 18 8”,18| there, while the Bishop or Abbot is present, let no woman 19 8”,18| Church. So if any prelate or abbot should be caught doing this, 20 8”,18| and the prelate or the abbot should go there to any part 21 8”,19| case he is a Bishop, or an Abbot, or anyone in the Priesthood, 22 8”,19| too, in the case of an Abbot who lacks ordination as 23 8”,19| and bad. If any bishop, or abbot in holy orders, or anyone 24 8”,19| person doing this be an abbot not in holy orders[282] 25 8”,19| this same 7th) due to the abbot, he can take them back.[ 26 8”,21| without the approval of his abbot, or of her abbess, as the 27 8”,21| dimissory letter from his own abbot (or from her own abbess, 28 8”,21| makes him a cleric, or an abbot of his own monastery, and 29 8”,21| neither a cleric nor an abbot. And c. IV of the 4th decrees 30 8”,22| hand, excommunicates any abbot who fails to bring back 31 8”,23| That is why Abbas (i.e., abbot) Isaac, in admonishing a 32 8”,23| receives a commission from an abbot to govern the monasterial 33 8”,23| or be mentioned after the abbot in the divine services, 34 8”,23| therein acts instead of the abbot himself.~  ~[138] Note 35 8”,23| says that if an unsacred abbot of a monastery cannot receive 36 8”,23| regard, add directions how an Abbot is to be made. Or, at any 37 8”,23| Bishop must not make an Abbot in monasteries according 38 8”,23| or craves to become an abbot and the protector of others, 39 8”,23| holy orders may be made the abbot of a monastery, provided 40 8”,23| from his monastery if the abbot is a heretic, according 41 8”,23| monastery. Even though the abbot places him under bond not 42 8”,23| with the permission of the abbot, in order that he may converse 43 8”,23| and involuntarily even an abbot may be driven from his monastery

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