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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | a woman, expressly made reference to the canon of Nicea relevant 2 Intro | is still used today as a reference work by Orthodox canonists. 3 Intro | this work remains a classic reference work. In 1907 the Benedictine 4 1”,6 | bishop of Rome. Likewise with reference to Antioch, and in other 5 1”,18| the present Council has reference to those deacons who during 6 1”,19| present Canon decrees with reference to persons that had been 7 2 | meaning of Article 8 in reference to the Holy Spirit, and 8 2”,3 | was ascribed only with reference to the order of honor, and 9 2”,3 | order of honor, and not with reference to the honor in general, 10 2”,6 | derived from the Latin, with reference to passing or going beyond 11 7 | Seventh Ec. C.) says in reference to this same Canon of the 12 7”,53| carnal relative of thine,” in reference to this saying St. Basil 13 7”,69| decrees the following with reference to church choirs: “It is 14 8”,14| to be observed also with reference to Monks. As for the appointment 15 8”,23| Scholasticus, in the Nomocanon, in reference to the present Canon, as 16 8”,23| of blessing, and not with reference to any ordination. Hence 17 8”,23| and the preposition with reference to the Holy Spirit, passed 18 8”,23| his historical account in reference to events in Mysia, situated 19 8”,23| they exclaimed: “It was in reference to this man that Isaiah 20 8”,23| that it had spoken with reference to the Arians propounding 21 8”,23| coessentiality, and not with reference to any Orthodox Ecumenical 22 8”,23| have said all this with reference to the common Symbol of 23 8”,23| relation or establishment of a reference, or the limitation of power, 24 8”,23| Anathematization he said: “If anyone in reference to the one Christ divides 25 8”,23| Canon to grant a decision in reference to an appeal on the part 26 8”,23| while the latter says with reference to provinces in which bishops 27 8”,23| Note that Balsamon, with reference to the present Canon, says: “ 28 8”,23| was also used by some in reference to tne Bishop of Rome, though 29 8”,23| Pope Innocent III says in reference to c. XXXII of the Council, “ 30 8”,23| mentioned by him, contains no reference to such a thing at all. 31 8”,23| view of the fact that the reference is to widows in the one 32 8”,23| marriage of widows is shown by reference to c. XV of the 4th and 33 8”,23| wordsHoly is God” have reference to the Father, who is the 34 8”,23| Greeks in a general way with reference to pictures hung on walls 35 8”,23| a certain troparion with reference to St. Basil: “O Basil, 36 8”,23| account of this relation and reference which it bears to that which 37 8”,23| relatively on account of its reference to Him. Likewise as for 38 8”,23| relatively, on account of the reference which they bear to the persons 39 8”,23| before us,” was said with reference to Dionysius the Areopagite40 8”,23| St. Gregory, and not with reference to St. Athanasius, as Nicetas 41 8”,23| in the Euchologion with reference to the consecration of a 42 8”,23| by Basil the Great with reference to the more aged monks who

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