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least 19
leather 2
leathern 1
leave 42
leaves 6
leaving 11
lebanon 2
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43 wont
42 beginning
42 could
42 leave
42 oath
42 ones
42 ordain

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1 | clerics are forbidden to leave their church. Formal prohibition 2 1”,11| forward”; thereupon they shall leave the church. For seven (Note 3 1”,11| of the pulpit, but shall leave along with the catechumens 4 1”,11| faithful and pray, and not leave with the catechumens, though 5 1”,12| enter the church, they must leave together with catechumens. 6 1”,12| the faithful, and need not leave the church (ahead of time). 7 1”,12| ostensibly with “kneelers” and to leave again with catechumens; 8 1”,14| come forward,” they had to leave the church. The second class 9 1”,14| divine gospels they would leave, according to Blastaris 10 2”,2 | 2.~ Bishops must not leave their own diocese and go 11 2”,6 | Canonical penances in case they leave their Bishop and resort 12 4”,9 | with another, let him not leave his own Bishop and resort 13 4”,9 | prescribes that he must not leave his own bishop and present 14 4”,30| security that they will not leave this city till the city 15 4”,30| security that they would not leave the city of Constantinople 16 7”,17| not permit clergymen to leave their churches and go to 17 7”,18| refuse to let clergymen leave their churches without cause, 18 7”,40| be possible for them to leave this solitary confinement 19 7”,79| says that bishops must not leave their eparchy for a long 20 7”,86| wife may with good reason leave her husband: but no other 21 8”,10| estates, either let him leave this employment or, if he 22 8”,10| employment or, if he will not leave it, let him be deposed from 23 8”,19| that whether they stay or leave, those things are to remain 24 8”,20| to the nuns, they are to leave them outside the doors of 25 8”,21| A monk or nun must not leave his or her monastery or 26 8”,21| that a monk or nun must not leave that monastery or nunnery 27 8”,21| decrees that monks must not leave their monasteries unless 28 8”,23| council, that is to say) leave one respecting them characterizable 29 8”,23| as you state, for one to leave his church, what church 30 8”,23| the ministry after they leave the flock of the Lord and 31 8”,23| he commenced and not to leave it incomplete.~ ~ [90] 32 8”,23| are not doing right who leave their monasteries, or their 33 8”,23| Great does allow monks to leave the monastery and to journey 34 8”,23| For it says for no one to leave his clericate and become 35 8”,23| pledge that they would not leave the city of Constantinople 36 8”,23| oath that they would not leave the city: — seeing, I say, 37 8”,23| fragments: instead, let them leave them on the Holy Disc, and 38 8”,23| separate vessel, so as to leave nothing of them in the vestments; 39 8”,23| limit, but gave the prelate leave to increase them, while 40 8”,23| tuneful, and in order to leave time for reading to be done; 41 8”,23| Code says that those who leave their own monastery are 42 8”,23| and in that case he may leave with the permission of the

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