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adaptability 1
adaptations 1
adapted 2
add 41
added 18
addicted 3
adding 15
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42 reference
42 symeon
42 thereafter
41 add
41 consequently
41 ordinance
41 something

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | wanted to correct, suppress, add, or simply recall to mind. 2 Intro | of the text.69~ ~Let us add that the ancient canons 3 Intro | legislatoris.14 We can also add that the old Latin versions 4 1”,19| which the Canon proceeds to add, to wit, “We have referred 5 3 | Ecumenical Councils, or even add anything thereto, or subtract 6 3”,8 | Fathers of this Council add that this same rule shall 7 4 | those who might dare to add anything to or to subtract 8 7”,1 | have been determined not to add anything to or to remove 9 7”,1 | can by any means whatever add anything to or remove anything 10 7”,2 | each by name. It goes on to add that no one has permission 11 7”,80| following him were the first to add to the Trisagion Hymn the 12 8”,1 | them there is nothing to add, and from them there is 13 8”,1 | Moses says that no one is to add anything to the words of 14 8”,16| designs; nor did any of them add any differently colored 15 8”,23| Yet it is not amiss to add here by way of repleteness 16 8”,23| Creed, they did not want to add it therein. For in view 17 8”,23| less is anyone permitted to add anything to it or to take 18 8”,23| We anathematize those who add (anything to) or remove ( 19 8”,23| although urgently pressed to add these most necessary words, 20 8”,23| And the Sixth was urged to add a declaration concerning 21 8”,23| likewise hard pressed to add to the Creed an elucidation 22 8”,23| previous Council for anyone to add anything to the Creed (though 23 8”,23| that Council to dare to add such developments if any 24 8”,23| set forth any other, or to add, or to subtract, or to name 25 8”,23| For to subtract, or to add, is to render the confession 26 8”,23| those who might dare to add anything to, or to subtract 27 8”,23| lessons. And 6) one must not add anything to or subtract 28 8”,23| of Cyril.” And I have to add also this fact too, that 29 8”,23| appeared to me advisable to add here the interpretation 30 8”,23| Honorius, who not only did not add to the splendor of this 31 8”,23| necessary to priests that we add in this Footnote what ought 32 8”,23| of them remained, he must add some more, as much as may 33 8”,23| the sensual kind, one must add in English, which language 34 8”,23| should the present Canon add that monasteries must not 35 8”,23| speaks through it. I wish to add also that which Athanasius 36 8”,23| eventuality whereby sinners add to these years and penances 37 8”,23| is also necessary that we add also this to the present 38 8”,23| adoration to the Cross. And we add the further observation 39 8”,23| sacred Canons in this regard, add directions how an Abbot 40 8”,23| same Canon of Nicephorusadd also that it is on account 41 8”,23| anyhow. Some authorities also add another reasonable cause

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