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thrice-blissful 1
thrice-holy 1
throat 1
throne 40
thrones 12
through 106
throughout 13
Frequency    [«  »]
40 theotoke
40 thereof
40 thessalonica
40 throne
39 admitted
39 ancyra
39 appears

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,7 | successively acceding to the throne, and not to this or that 2 1”,7 | lands. For the Apostolic throne of Jerusalem not only stands 3 3 | concession had ascended the throne of Constantinople. For, 4 4”,9 | of the diocese or to the throne of the imperial capital 5 4”,9 | the diocese,[95] or to the throne of the imperial capital 6 4”,17| his case tried before the throne of Constantinople, according 7 4”,17| shall be subject to that throne to which the catholic union 8 4”,28| granted the priorities to the throne of Old Rome on account of 9 4”,28| priorities to the most holy throne of New Rome, with good reason 10 4”,28| ordained by the most holy throne of the most holy Church 11 4”,28| bestowed privileges upon the throne of Old Rome on account of 12 4”,28| also upon the most holy throne of New Rome[112] — of Constantinople, 13 4”,28| the aforesaid most holy throne of Constantinople. Not only 14 7”,3 | other hand, we under the throne of this God-guarded and 15 7”,31| to be entrusted with the throne of the church of the Jerusalemites, 16 7”,34| Bishop dies who is under his throne, have any right to remove 17 7”,35| Chalcedon, we decree that the throne of Constantinople shall 18 7”,35| or priorities) with the throne of older Rome, and in ecclesiastical 19 7”,35| latter; after which the throne of the great city of the 20 7”,35| Antioch, and after this the throne of the city of the Jerusalemites.~( 21 7”,36| take possession of his own throne and to be installed therein 22 7”,36| these things on their same throne even though far away from 23 7”,38| upon and granted to the throne of the man aforesaid by 24 8”,2 | when he sitteth upon the throne of his kingdom, that he 25 8”,23| any superiority of their throne, but as a result of a conciliar 26 8”,23| order to avoid having the throne of St. Peter dishonored 27 8”,23| as we are sitting on this throne, as long as we have the 28 8”,23| to get possession of the throne of Constantinople, he sent 29 8”,23| promotion of Maximianus to the throne of Constantinople, and the 30 8”,23| enemies assert that the throne of Antiocheia is an Apostolic 31 8”,23| metropolitans subject to the throne of Constantinople must have 32 8”,23| granted the priorities to the throne of Old Rome on account of 33 8”,23| Adrian II asserts that the throne of Rome cannot be judged ( 34 8”,23| 165] What is called a throne is not any and every parish, 35 8”,23| of Cyprus returned to his throne, the provinces of the Hellespont 36 8”,23| saw the Lord sitting on a throne,” p. 120, vol. v) strenuously 37 8”,23| The Emperor sits on the throne wearing the broadsword of 38 8”,23| that it is to serve as a throne of God; in the middle of 39 8”,23| dedicated and provided with a throne, so that there will be a 40 8”,23| so that there will be a throne in it on which he can sit

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