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theoretical 1
theotocos 1
theotocus 1
theotoke 40
theoupolis 1
there 281
thereabouts 1
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40 particular
40 penance
40 teaching
40 theotoke
40 thereof
40 thessalonica
40 throne

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 3 | city which is called Mary Theotoke,[69] in the reign of Emperor 2 3 | respect to the flesh, a Theotoke (a Greek word meaning “she 3 3 | and truly to be called the Theotoke, on the ground that she 4 3 | to call the Holy Virgin a Theotoke, not as the origin of the 5 3 | here by the holy and virgin Theotoke Mary, the untarnished jewel 6 4 | out of Mary the Virgin and Theotoke, as respects humanity, the 7 4 | refuses to call Mary the Holy Theotoke and whoever divides the 8 7”,78| honoring the puerperium of the Theotoke (just as it is the custom 9 7”,78| confess the Conception of the Theotoke to have been seedless and 10 7”,78| offering adoration to Mary the Theotoke, and say certain other things 11 8 | intemerate Lady the holy Theotoke, and also of the precious 12 8”,23| Virgin should be called the Theotoke, as in truth she is the 13 8”,23| as in truth she is the Theotoke (because of the fact that 14 8”,23| called the Virgin Mary a Theotoke even before this Third Council. 15 8”,23| one to call the Virgin a Theotoke, in interpreting verse 33 16 8”,23| Virgin came to be called the Theotoke. Cyril of Alexandria, in 17 8”,23| the Great called Her the Theotoke, and Amman the Bishop of 18 8”,23| the All-holy Virgin the Theotoke in writing to Alexander 19 8”,23| birth of Christ, says: “The Theotoke never ceased being a virgin, 20 8”,23| not consider Mary to be a Theotoke, he is destitute of divinity.” 21 8”,23| have you known a Virgin Theotoke?” Eusebius, in his Life 22 8”,23| gorgeously decorated the Theotoke’s birthplace” (i.e., Bethlehem). 23 8”,23| out of the holy Virgin and Theotoke Mary.” St. Gregory Thaumaturgus ( 24 8”,23| following words: “The holy Theotoke, therefore, gave voice to 25 8”,23| All-holy Virgin is called a Theotoke, according to the explanatory 26 8”,23| The Virgin is called the Theotoke as having truly given birth 27 8”,23| Holy Virgin is said to be a Theotoke in two ways. One of these 28 8”,23| the view concerning the Theotoke, yet, in spite of all this 29 8”,23| Apostles, and of that of the Theotoke), let them not place the 30 8”,23| with the name of our Lady Theotoke; in regard to those enchanters 31 8”,23| ought not to depict the Theotoke on the occasion of the feast 32 8”,23| words “Epilochia of the Theotoke” (meaning the Puerperium 33 8”,23| the wordsSynaxis of the Theotoke.” For according to St. Gregory 34 8”,23| call the childbirth of the Theotoke a locheia in Greek (for 35 8”,23| volume) says for the Lady Theotoke to be painted rather as 36 8”,23| however, all roundabout the Theotoke there be depicted also the 37 8”,23| thou wise worshiper of the Theotoke.” (For this reason also 38 8”,23| decreed. Likewise, as for the Theotoke Herself, we adore Her with 39 8”,23| Christ, the picture of the Theotoke, and following these the 40 8”,23| to the dormition of the Theotoke; and divine Maximus comments

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