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kind 40
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40 cause
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40 kind
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40 natures
40 particular

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,11| humane) treatment, to be kind to them. As many, therefore, 2 1”,12| or inclinations) and the kind of repentance. For as regards 3 1”,12| such faith-deniers, and the kind and mood of their repentance.[ 4 3”,8 | a better position of any kind, either now or hereafter, 5 4”,18| engaged in factiousness of any kind, or hatching plots against 6 7”,1 | discourse or an action of any kind the thoughtful find it best 7 7”,9 | tavern or dramshop of any kind, and to serve therein. For, 8 7”,22| demanding compensation of any kind of him to whom he imparts 9 7”,25| do anything else of the kind; but, on the contrary, contenting 10 7”,26| garments of an uncustomary kind; 3, and lastly) because 11 7”,40| have been longing for this kind of life. And if after all 12 7”,52| henceforth nothing of the kind shall be done. If any persons 13 7”,55| precisely as from every kind of thing sacrificed, so 14 7”,60| 185] and others of the kind, with a view to learning 15 7”,61| in modern Greek, being a kind of earthen casks. So whoever 16 7”,78| decree that nothing of the kind shall be done by the faithful. 17 7”,87| habitation or resort of any kind, he puts up in such a Temple. 18 7”,87| into any sacred temple any kind of animal. For sacred things 19 8”,5 | contempt: so it is this kind of giving that it forbids 20 8”,19| regards property of any kind given by parents to their 21 8”,19| say, or real estate of any kind) which a person may possess 22 8”,23| denotes the difference in kind and the difference in essence 23 8”,23| innovation or modification of any kind on account of the union, 24 8”,23| 97] Something of this kind is narrated by St. Gregory 25 8”,23| pleasure (of the sensual kind, one must add in English, 26 8”,23| pleasure (of the sensual kind) afforded by her husband, 27 8”,23| animals, or of birds of any kind. For if this Canon prohibits 28 8”,23| giving the laity but of one kind, or, in other words, giving 29 8”,23| etc., (by a spell of some kind) in order to prevent them 30 8”,23| written documents of any kind, together with the divine 31 8”,23| impropriety of the rankest kind, and is an invention of 32 8”,23| in general. As for this kind of images, namely, the statues, 33 8”,23| accepts and approves this kind of image which is cast in 34 8”,23| simply a picture of any kind whatsoever, and is by no 35 8”,23| God the Father). Another kind of “icon,” or picture, is 36 8”,23| and, indeed, it is this kind that we are discussing here. 37 8”,23| is, however, also a third kind of picture (or icon), which 38 8”,23| it is of the “worshipingkind, ought to be carried out 39 8”,23| therein pictured. But this kind of adoration is not paid 40 8”,23| have found nothing of the kind, except only the statement

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