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40 cause
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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,3 | and clergymen ought not to cause the laity any suspicion 2 4”,6 | violation of the Canons, the cause and root of this evil being 3 4”,23| conditions of the Church and cause disorder in the homes either 4 4”,26| the laity and giving it cause to accuse him of wasting 5 4”,29| Presbyter. But if for any cause than some crime they have 6 7”,12| likelihood of giving anyone cause to blame the priestly polity. 7 7”,12| with their wives, and thus cause others a scandal. Hence 8 7”,18| leave their churches without cause, but not even those who 9 7”,18| commands that when that cause ceases on account of which 10 7”,20| of their viciousness and cause them to repent. Read also 11 7”,36| ordained, and on account of the cause recited above since they 12 7”,42| persons who prefer it, and no cause (of any sin, that is to 13 7”,46| Christians in general must not cause any others any scandal or 14 7”,46| convent of nuns, this should cause them to be scandalized themselves 15 7”,86| without a good reason and cause (which means without the 16 7”,86| he has afforded no just cause for this unreasonable departure 17 7”,86| that she has become the cause of this departure. The pardon 18 8”,18| or in monasteries, is a cause for everyone’s taking offense. 19 8”,23| open pride is a sufficient cause for deposition is also evident 20 8”,23| Greek, homoousian) was the cause of a scandal, owing to its 21 8”,23| represents the Son as a caused cause, and introduces two origins 22 8”,23| this article, which was the cause of the scandals that have 23 8”,23| to be ordained after the cause of the living one be investigated 24 8”,23| and in general being the cause of many woes. Even if, let 25 8”,23| the primary and incipient cause of the schism.~  ~[135] 26 8”,23| preclude their becoming a cause of scandalization and perdition 27 8”,23| years old. “This is the cause that led Emperor Theodosius 28 8”,23| as the Lord said, and a cause of dissensions and of scandals, 29 8”,23| execrate their enemies, and cause either them themselves to 30 8”,23| snakes in their hands and cause them not to bite. The name 31 8”,23| because of their becoming the cause of an honorable marriage 32 8”,23| the body of Christ. The cause which led to the invention 33 8”,23| of the recipient, every cause and reason and excuse for 34 8”,23| represented. The reason and cause why statues are not adored 35 8”,23| its hypostasis from the cause of it, i.e., from the one 36 8”,23| effect (in that it is not the cause of itself, but is caused 37 8”,23| on account of some other cause (perhaps on account of the 38 8”,23| to them, even though any cause (i.e., blame or accusation) 39 8”,23| monastery. Another reasonable cause for separation and departure, 40 8”,23| also add another reasonable cause for departure, viz., if

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