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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | would appear logical to allow without restriction the 2 1”,5 | is dissolved, in order to allow a pure and unblemished gift 3 1”,6 | Libya and Pentapolis, to allow the bishop of Alexandria 4 1”,7 | and in like manner, if we allow (what is not a fact) that 5 1”,8 | the Orthodox bishop must allow him to have a position as 6 1”,12| an “economy,” i.e., may allow him an adjustment in regard 7 1”,14| yearslistening and to allow them thereafter to pray 8 1”,15| some places, so as riot to allow either a Bishop or a Presbyter 9 1”,15| That is to say, not to allow a Bishop or Presbyter or 10 1”,16| clergyman being willing to allow this, from whom he departed, 11 2”,6 | order, first of all, not to allow heretics to make charges 12 4”,24| the same Council will not allow a monk to take back things 13 7”,3 | Constantinople were disposed to allow them some leniency and philanthropy, 14 7”,12| it has seemed best not to allow such a thing to occur hereafter 15 7”,14| Novel 123 says: “We do not allow a man to become a presbyter 16 7”,36| ecclesiastical rights or to allow the heathen influence to 17 7”,61| in Gangra does not even allow a woman to wear masculine 18 7”,87| holiday by the law in order to allow the slave a day of rest, 19 8”,23| indeed,~I know not whether to allow them a marriage, or to keep 20 8”,23| says that even though we allow that he (sc. the one who 21 8”,23| orders to the priests to allow persons at the point of 22 8”,23| because He condescended to allow delusion. For He knew that 23 8”,23| times. In fact, we will not allow ourselves or others to change 24 8”,23| Ephesus in Florence appears to allow this. Nevertheless, such 25 8”,23| that Basil the Great does allow monks to leave the monastery 26 8”,23| XXX it is true that it did allow this, though not everywhere, 27 8”,23| does not at the same time allow the wife to be separated 28 8”,23| of the Latin faith, they allow the priests to have their 29 8”,23| themselves because they allow the priests of the Marionites 30 8”,23| forbid this; and because they allow Orthodox priests in Lechia 31 8”,23| What will you give me if I allow you to commune?” But what 32 8”,23| for himself, will yet not allow his wife to marry a second 33 8”,23| rules of the Fathers, but allow one party to become a monk 34 8”,23| on Saturday and Sunday we allow a breaking of the fast” ( 35 8”,23| account whatsoever let them allow a Latin man to marry an 36 8”,23| Christians in general, who allow the bodies of the dead to 37 8”,23| parents, too, ought not to allow their children to become 38 8”,23| also to others, but did not allow worship to anyone else except 39 8”,23| many regions the prelates allow others to perform the dedication 40 8”,23| in Moscow the prelates allow archimandrites to dedicate

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