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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,5 | justice, also by all the rest of the bishops, until it 2 1”,10| such persons, provided the rest of their life has been fairly 3 1”,19| up in a convent for the rest of her life. Read also the 4 2”,7 | that is to say, and the rest. Canon XIX of the First 5 4”,20| the contrary, they must rest content with the one in 6 4”,28| point of order among the rest of the Patriarchs. In exactly 7 7”,2 | hand, we ratify all the rest of the sacred Canons promulgated 8 7”,7 | midst of those making up the rest of the company: since whoever 9 7”,7 | has precedence over the rest of the deacons, become the 10 7”,19| since Christians are wont to rest from their manual work, 11 7”,25| let him refrain from the rest of functions and activities. 12 7”,38| Justinianopolis, in imitation of the rest of all the Bishops who are 13 7”,40| this, they are to quietly rest themselves and remain quiet 14 7”,41| off their hair, like the rest of monks who live in monasteries,[ 15 7”,79| attend church along with the rest of the faithful on three 16 7”,86| employed by another man. The rest of this Canon is gleaned 17 7”,86| the divine Mysteries. The rest of this Canon is word for 18 7”,87| allow the slave a day of rest, and likewise the beast 19 7”,87| might as a result of such rest be able to serve its master 20 7”,87| the animal is allowed to rest in the Temple on such an 21 7”,92| not to get married. The rest of the Canon is a decree 22 7”,94| interpretation there. The rest of the Canon is a decree 23 8 | the holy Gospels, and the rest of sacred institutions, 24 8”,9 | put away together with the rest of heretical books. If, 25 8”,23| that the substances of the rest of men have, except for 26 8”,23| injury, and not like the rest of infants). She is declared 27 8”,23| appeals over the heads of the rest of the Patriarchs, how could 28 8”,23| of those under any of the rest of the Patriarchs. For it 29 8”,23| and be shut up for the rest of his life in a monastery. 30 8”,23| Diocese), but also in all the rest of the Sees (or Dioceses) 31 8”,23| also consonant with the rest of the Canons. So when the 32 8”,23| and these honors are the rest of the prerogatives in regard 33 8”,23| that the expression “the rest” used therein denotes sitting 34 8”,23| subject and subordinate to the rest of the body, so and in like 35 8”,23| remain unmarried for the rest of her life. But that the 36 8”,23| unmarried throughout the rest of her life. And this celibacy, 37 8”,23| to commence the song, the rest of them maintaining the 38 8”,23| that is longer than the rest, or more crooked; or who 39 8”,23| Gregory Dialogus, and the rest, all had beards, as they

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