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outpourings 1
outright 6
outshine 1
outside 39
outsiders 1
outstanding 2
outward 7
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39 new
39 number
39 nuns
39 outside
39 penances
39 rest
39 sake

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,11| in other words, to stand outside of even the narthex in the 2 1”,18| do, not in church, but in outside assemblies, and on this 3 2”,6 | performance of sacred rites outside the confines of the parish, 4 2”,7 | while they are standing) outside the Narthex of the church, 5 4”,3 | others, and to undertake outside work as contractors,[87] 6 7”,3 | participate in the honor outside the sanctuary of sitting 7 7”,15| four classes in question, outside the age specified, let him 8 7”,26| what they can see on the outside they draw inferences as 9 7”,38| eastern Castron from the outside, to Thrace; but according 10 7”,40| spend another year staying outside by waiting with fortitude 11 7”,40| remain quiet for a year outside of the cloister, in order 12 7”,45| general let them not step outside of it, but if they are compelled 13 7”,45| not be permitted to sleep outside of the building at all. 14 7”,45| For them to sleep at night outside of their convents is utterly 15 7”,69| holy temples (churches) or outside thereof, for St. Paul does 16 7”,73| who hold such love-feasts (outside of the church, that is to 17 7”,87| order to avoid leaving it outside to perish and himself exposed 18 7”,96| in the gardens or grounds outside of it, or else in the vaults, 19 7”,98| any such offer being made outside of the church. If anyone 20 7”,98| moreover, must take place outside of the church, and not inside 21 8”,1 | anything as gospel that lies outside of what has been handed 22 8”,15| city; but in small towns outside of it, for want of men, 23 8”,15| for the villages and towns outside of it, let it be allowed 24 8”,18| to even Jews and Greeks outside the Church. So if any prelate 25 8”,20| the nunnery receive these outside the gates with some aged 26 8”,20| they are to leave them outside the doors of the nunnery, 27 8”,23| decrees that in gatherings outside the Council and Synod the 28 8”,23| service which is performed outside the Bema. For these Injunctions 29 8”,23| some listeners standing outside heard “I have shown thee, 30 8”,23| neither bless a wedding outside nor inside a monastery ( 31 8”,23| impose anything upon churches outside his jurisdiction, excepting 32 8”,23| clergymen in general that were outside of the Bema, were often 33 8”,23| participate in conventions held outside of the churches, or, according 34 8”,23| in activities conducted outside of the Bema, or rather to 35 8”,23| their cattle when they are outside at night or those who grasp 36 8”,23| but immediately stepped outside, and did not go back in 37 8”,23| construct the tombs of the dead outside of the churches. Oh, what 38 8”,23| breasts and skins, of lambs, outside of the church, or doves 39 8”,23| office who perform any act outside their own parish, and like

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