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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 4”,15| induced deaconesses and nuns to become prostitutes are 2 7”,39| wish to become monks or nuns ought not, according to 3 7”,44| they are about to become nuns, and with jewelry of gold 4 7”,44| convent (or nunnery) for nuns, and there to take off all 5 7”,44| on the black garments of nuns, and receive the blessing 6 7”,45| These Fathers do not want nuns to go away from their convents 7 7”,45| bishop neither monks nor nuns ought to go away from their 8 7”,46| mutually with any of the nuns there. For Christians in 9 7”,46| to sleep in a convent of nuns, this should cause them 10 7”,68| in his c. XV, says that nuns ought to enter the Holy 11 8”,20| formulated. Let not monks and nuns dwell in a single monastery. 12 8”,20| wish to become monks or nuns, as the case may be let 13 8”,20| that is to say: monks and nuns are not to be allowed to 14 8”,20| necessaries of life to the nuns, they are to leave them 15 8”,20| also decrees that monks and nuns must not remain together ( 16 8”,20| mournful life of monks and nuns, and by means of the word “ 17 8”,23| life or have grown old as nuns. All clergymen as well as 18 8”,23| and especially monks and nuns; since nuns have the same 19 8”,23| especially monks and nuns; since nuns have the same trouble in 20 8”,23| have in fighting shy of nuns. That is why Abbas (i.e., 21 8”,23| canonicae, that is to say, nuns, as though they were fire. 22 8”,23| associate with women and nuns, how much more do they not 23 8”,23| and most especially to nuns, on the same assumption 24 8”,23| wishing to become monks or nuns should try it out for three 25 8”,23| a plurality of monks or nuns cannot be solemnized in 26 8”,23| in those times monks and nuns were wont to undergo the 27 8”,23| however, that befits monks and nuns, but also gray clothing 28 8”,23| the garments of monks and nuns, it is convenient here to 29 8”,23| style of life of monks and nuns, be divorced and depart, 30 8”,23| couples to become monks and nuns by mutual agreement.~ ~ [ 31 8”,23| ought not to confess, nor nuns. For this is contrary to 32 8”,23| monks have to have with nuns, the persons who are to 33 8”,23| a reply; as respects the nuns, on the other hand, likewise 34 8”,23| as well as two or three nuns ought to be together. For 35 8”,23| those chosen and more aged nuns, and let these in turn tell 36 8”,23| take the necessities to the nuns and perform services, ought 37 8”,23| to render services to the nuns, St. Nicephorus also decrees 38 8”,23| young performs services for nuns, one ought not to partake 39 8”,23| their becoming monks (or nuns). Read also the testimony

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