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nevertheless 60
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39 everything
39 except
39 free
39 new
39 number
39 nuns
39 outside

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | we see that all sorts of new problems come up while others 2 Intro | the fourth century, many new dioceses were created due 3 Intro | and the working of these new organs had to be made clear. 4 Intro | canonical regulations to meet new situations. Canonical creativity 5 Intro | see the appearance of a new commentary on the corpus 6 2”,3 | Rome, because of its being New Rome.~ ~Interpretation.~ 7 2”,3 | Constantinople itself is also called New Rome.~ The preposition after 8 2”,3 | Rome and to the Bishop of new Rome; and in the fact that 9 4”,12| 98] without allowing the new Metropolitan, who bears 10 4”,28| Constantinople otherwise known as New Rome; we too decree and 11 4”,28| same Constantinople and New Rome. And this is in keeping 12 4”,28| the most holy throne of New Rome, with good reason deeming 13 4”,28| Rome, seeing that it is New Rome, therefore the fathers 14 4”,28| Constantinople which is also known as New Rome. For, they say, just 15 4”,28| the most holy throne of New Rome[112] — of Constantinople, 16 4”,28| be first in order, while new Rome is to be second in 17 7”,38| innovations, so that the new Justinianopolis shall have 18 7”,38| preserved entire, and that this new city of Justinianoplis is 19 7”,61| laugh and guffaw when the new wine is being transferred 20 7”,64| persons on the occasion of the New Moon in front of their own 21 7”,65| resurrected Christ our God to New Sunday in psalms and hymns, 22 7”,66| and especially that of the New expressly commanded Christians 23 7”,67| the books of the Old and New Testaments, or of our holy 24 7”,67| 203] books of the Old and New Testaments, and of the eminent 25 7”,69| their example be Mary, the New Woman and Child of God, 26 8”,23| Canon and to ordain nothing new, but merely to confirm the 27 8”,23| hands in connection with the new grace came into prevalence 28 8”,23| Justinian Rhinotmetus renamed it New Justiniana. Hence those 29 8”,23| Sixth Ec. C. calls Cyprus New Justinianopolis. And, confirming 30 8”,23| an event as though some new and strange thing had occurred; 31 8”,23| by being converted into a new Metropolis.~ ~ [98] In 32 8”,23| an imperial capital, and New Rome, the Canons conferred 33 8”,23| anathematize the inventors of the new error Theordore the Faranite, 34 8”,23| Nestorius, drifted into a new heresy himself, by believing 35 8”,23| appropriate passages of the New and Old Testaments would 36 8”,23| troparia alluding to the new grace. Our God-bearing Fathers, 37 8”,23| are themselves becoming new and second Jezebels, because 38 8”,23| of both the Old and the New Testament; and in Discourse 39 8”,23| without the consecration of a new temple there is no other

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