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easterners 12
eastertide 1
easy 5
eat 39
eatable 1
eaten 8
eating 17
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39 care
39 consecrated
39 dare
39 eat
39 everything
39 except
39 free

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 4”,18| oath that they will neither eat nor drink till they have 2 7”,11| sacerdotal list, or any layman, eat the unleavened wafers manufactured 3 7”,11| orders and no layman may eat any unleavened wafers sent 4 7”,28| for the people there to eat certain more luscious foods 5 7”,55| of holy Lent some persons eat eggs and cheese. It has 6 7”,55| it aright, were wont to eat eggs and cheese on the Saturdays 7 7”,66| of their dainty stomach eat the blood of any animal 8 7”,66| now on should attempt to eat the blood of any animal, 9 7”,66| commands that no Christian eat the blood of any animal, 10 7”,66| If a clergyman should eat this, let him be deposed 11 7”,73| and that one is not to eat them inside of a house, 12 7”,73| according to him, one must not eat, not only in churches, but 13 7”,78| and gave one another to eat, doing this for the sake 14 7”,78| bedclothes, and afterwards to eat it; and that they do this 15 7”,82| For it is written, “Take, eat” (Matt. 26:26); but the 16 7”,82| persons can neither take nor eat anything.~ ~Interpretation.~ 17 7”,82| faithful, He said, “Take, eat.” But the bodies of the 18 7”,82| can neither take it nor eat it. But neither ought one 19 7”,93| tortures deny the faith or eat things that have been sacrificed 20 7”,93| anyone to promise God not to eat pork, or to sentence himself 21 7”,96| not to have any right to eat, or to drink, or to sleep 22 8”,20| nunnery, nor let any nun eat with a monk alone. And when 23 8”,20| in a nunnery, nor let one eat with a nun. And when monks 24 8”,23| indispensable for every man to eat in order to live. Accordingly, 25 8”,23| proper for men and women to eat in mixed company, though 26 8”,23| permissible for them to eat privately in the company 27 8”,23| and can neither take nor eat anything, or in another 28 8”,23| the Passion one must not eat anything else but bread, 29 8”,23| Definition What) one must neither eat an ordinary supper in church, 30 8”,23| them up with sweet wine and eat them, as is prudently recommended 31 8”,23| Rise, Peter, sacrifice, and eat” (Acts 10:13; 11:7). What 32 8”,23| them would sit down and eat. But since the Corinthians 33 8”,23| of the richer ones would eat his own meal alone, and 34 8”,23| people who had nothing to eat at such common banquets. 35 8”,23| therefrom that one must not eat the common supper in a church. 36 8”,23| accustomed by obliging him not to eat his supper, but to go to 37 8”,23| vegeterianism, and did not eat of any animate thing. They 38 8”,23| their appetites and did not eat anything that the Encratites 39 8”,23| that the Encratites did not eat.~ ~ [247] Note that this

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