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consciously 1
consciousness 2
consecrate 3
consecrated 39
consecrates 3
consecrating 1
consecration 12
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39 bema
39 call
39 care
39 consecrated
39 dare
39 eat
39 everything

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,7 | present Council), but is consecrated to the metropolis of Jerusalem, 2 4”,24| Monasteries which have once been consecrated with the consent of the 3 4”,24| once been established and consecrated with the consent and permission 4 4”,29| other sacred objects are consecrated and hallowed and sanctified 5 7”,4 | any woman that has been consecrated to God, let him be deposed 6 7”,4 | fornication with a woman consecrated to God — that is to say, 7 7”,30| prayer, which has not been consecrated in the Orthodox manner, 8 7”,39| that virgins ought to be consecrated to God by only the bishop; 9 7”,48| Monasteries that have once been consecrated and established in accordance 10 7”,68| Interpretation.~The holy Bema is consecrated to those in holy orders. 11 7”,98| shall be permitted to accept consecrated pieces of meat from those 12 8”,7 | therefore, that have been consecrated without holy relics of Martyrs, 13 8”,7 | divine temples that have been consecrated by them without relics of 14 8”,12| rightfully gathered together and consecrated by others. See also the 15 8”,14| Since some persons have been consecrated from infancy to God, and 16 8”,14| been and are, allegedly, consecrated, and these same children 17 8”,19| acknowledge them to be things consecrated to God, we have decreed 18 8”,19| promise or vow of the one who consecrated them, no matter whether 19 8”,23| anything that has been publicly consecrated. And again, in Ordinance 20 8”,23| rightly and through a priest consecrated to God, as, temples and 21 8”,23| that anything that has been consecrated to the name of God deserves 22 8”,23| asserts that antimensia are consecrated by the prelate to this end 23 8”,23| being employed instead of a consecrated holy table (this is understandable 24 8”,23| fulfill the function of a Consecrated Table truly, as is required 25 8”,23| worldly concern and have consecrated their life to God? How could 26 8”,23| Soothsayers” are persons who have consecrated themselves to demons and 27 8”,23| out in the Table of the consecrated temple, supply the place 28 8”,23| supply the place of the consecrated Holy Table. For it is on 29 8”,23| parish alone where they were consecrated, just as the holy chrism, 30 8”,23| Tables which have not been consecrated, according to the first 31 8”,23| to supply the place of a consecrated Table truly and exactly, 32 8”,23| prescribes that these are to be consecrated by means of relics of martyrs. 33 8”,23| that is done in the divine consecrated Table and in the same manner 34 8”,23| to be buried in the same consecrated church as relics of martyrs. 35 8”,23| These things have been consecrated to God, and whatever has 36 8”,23| God, and whatever has been consecrated is also called sacred and 37 8”,23| given to priests and men consecrated to God, such as clergymen 38 8”,23| Ananias and Sapphira his wife consecrated to God was real estate. 39 8”,23| ground of its having been consecrated to God, and again consecrate

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