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belshazzar 1
belt 2
belts 2
bema 39
bemused 1
bend 5
bending 1
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39 admitted
39 ancyra
39 appears
39 bema
39 call
39 care
39 consecrated

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,18| from sitting down in the Bema before the Prelate makes 2 1”,18| divine service within the Bema sit down before the presbyters 3 7”,44| adorned to approach the holy Bema of the church in a convent ( 4 7”,56| not be offered in the holy Bema on the holy Table, in agreement 5 7”,68| Interpretation.~The holy Bema is consecrated to those 6 7”,68| monks to enter the Holy Bema who are not guilty of any 7 7”,68| ought to enter the Holy Bema for the purpose of lighting 8 7”,68| cannot go into the Holy Bema, according to what Balsamon 9 7”,76| clergymen admitted to the Holy Bema, or monks and ascetics, 10 7”,89| priests make into the Holy Bema during Saturday vespers; 11 7”,98| within the space of the holy Bema wherein is situated the 12 7”,98| parts of it in the holy Bema to the priests (just as 13 7”,98| the sanctuary, or sacred Bema, of the church. Hence the 14 7”,98| roasting that meat in the Bema, the Canon ought necessarily 15 7”,98| and cheese into the holy Bema. See also the Interpretation 16 8”,23| divine Mysteries in the Bema, but only that service which 17 8”,23| is performed outside the Bema. For these Injunctions say, 18 8”,23| Deaconesses enjoyed a rank in the Bema (or Sanctuary), but that 19 8”,23| removed their service from the Bema, yet he himself again in 20 8”,23| share or privilege in the Bema, but who perform many ecclesiastical 21 8”,23| the Fathers to enter the Bema or to perform any such services, 22 8”,23| that were outside of the Bema, were often called servants, 23 8”,23| anyone from entering the Bema and to put out the catechumens 24 8”,23| the lights attached to the Bema, the chandelier, and the 25 8”,23| before the doors of the Bema they receive communion from 26 8”,23| to sit with them) on the Bema (or Sanctuary). St. Chrysostom, 27 8”,23| the Eucharist within the Bema, or even to waft incense 28 8”,23| conducted outside of the Bema, or rather to say the honor 29 8”,23| commune within the Holy Bema (though the Canon of Basil 30 8”,23| of the honor of the great Bema (i.e., Julian), going to 31 8”,23| gifts to God inside the Holy Bema and expected to commune 32 8”,23| ordered to stay out of the Bema. Thereafter even when the 33 8”,23| gifts to God inside the Holy Bema, but immediately stepped 34 8”,23| not to commune inside the Bema. See also Nicephorus Callistus, 35 8”,23| laymen come into the Holy Bema, which, failing to distinguish 36 8”,23| laymen even to enter the Bema, how much more unlawful 37 8”,23| Maundy Thursday inside the Bema! So, for the love of God, 38 8”,23| emperor may commune within the Bema only at the time when he 39 8”,23| nun in front of the Holy Bema, and that they sawed her

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