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appearance 8
appeared 25
appearing 1
appears 39
appeased 1
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appellation 9
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40 throne
39 admitted
39 ancyra
39 appears
39 bema
39 call
39 care

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | ecumenical councils, it appears quite clear that this was 2 Intro | Orthodox canon law. This appears to be even more obvious 3 1”,12| Interpretation.~This Canon, too, appears to be speaking of Christian 4 1”,13| and canonical law (which appears to be c. VI of the Council 5 1”,19| Orthodox baptism, if their life appears to have been blameless and 6 4”,6 | though this prescription appears to be an element of the 7 4”,14| installed by chirothesy, it appears from what the present Canon 8 7”,47| Bishop. But if she also appears to be worthy, let her also 9 7”,76| impropriety in the eyes of heathen appears to be an offense of the 10 7”,76| Canon adds that whoever appears to be doing this, if he 11 7”,86| If, therefore, a woman appears to have departed from her 12 8”,5 | ordination, since this Canon appears to consist of two parts. 13 8”,23| they communed. This, I say, appears to me to be inconsistent, 14 8”,23| possessing. Consequently it appears in both the King James and 15 8”,23| Marcus of Ephesus in Florence appears to allow this. Nevertheless, 16 8”,23| this Council Cyril (who appears, from the wording and phraseology 17 8”,23| ordaining someone else. It appears, however, from the words 18 8”,23| not subject to them. So it appears, from what the same Balsamon 19 8”,23| be preserved to them, as appears from what is said in Act 20 8”,23| Constantinople. So that it appears that what we said above 21 8”,23| Canon. Accordingly, then, it appears that it subordinates the 22 8”,23| three dioceses because, as appears from Act 13 of the Fourth 23 8”,23| provinces in Barbary — as appears in Canons XII, XIII, XVIII, 24 8”,23| or even Injunctions.” It appears that this Symbol (or Creed) 25 8”,23| great Church. So that it appears hence that blessed Eustratius 26 8”,23| these various activities it appears that servants were different 27 8”,23| present they take away.” This appears to be what is meant also 28 8”,23| bishop, yet in its c. LIX it appears to prohibit altogether any 29 8”,23| acceptable, perhaps because it appears to be adulterated at some 30 8”,23| Gospels. For he himself appears to say, in his Stricture 31 8”,23| hair symmetrically; for it appears that monks affect a symmetrical 32 8”,23| too, says that “whoever appears with completeness to produce 33 8”,23| according to Balsamon, appears to have been a device employed 34 8”,23| above sense of the Canon appears to be better, because not 35 8”,23| twenty-four hours of this period, appears and is said to occur in 36 8”,23| Moscow at all what it is. It appears to be a later invention. ~ 37 8”,23| were amazed. This miracle appears to have occurred either 38 8”,23| from him, in order, as it appears, to be shamed by this and 39 8”,23| reads "God-fearing," which appears to be more correct.~ ~ [

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