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anchoretic 1
ancient 57
ancients 2
ancyra 39
and 6699
andrew 2
anew 3
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40 thessalonica
40 throne
39 admitted
39 ancyra
39 appears
39 bema
39 call

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,3 | XXIII of the 7th; c. XIX of Ancyra; C. XIX of Carthage; c. 2 1”,8 | XIV of the 7th; c. XIII of Ancyra; c. XIV of Neocaesarea; 3 1”,10| LXII; cc. I, III, XII of Ancyra; c. X of Peter.)~ ~Interpretation.~ 4 1”,10| accordance with c. XII of Ancyra. All those persons, furthermore, 5 1”,11| with the laity.~(c. VI of Ancyra; c. III of Peter; cc. LXXIII, 6 1”,11| years, according to c. VI of Ancyra. Those, on the other hand, 7 1”,12| the 6th; cc. II, V, VII of Ancyra; cc. I, II of Laodicea; 8 1”,12| Canons II, V, and VII of Ancyra, and cc. I and II of Laodicea 9 1”,13| VI of the Council held in Ancyra, this being an earlier one 10 4”,26| VII of Gangra; c. XV of Ancyra; c. LXX of Theophilus; and 11 4”,27| XCII of the 6th; c. XI of Ancyra; cc. XXII, XXX, XXXVIII, 12 7”,2 | Nicaea, those convened in Ancyra, and furthermore also those 13 7”,4 | XLV of the 6th; c. XIX of Ancyra; c. IX of Neocaesarea; cc. 14 7”,5 | XXII of the 7th; c. XIX of Ancyra; c. XLV of Carthage; and 15 7”,6 | XV of the 4th; c. XIII of Ancyra; and cc. XIX, XXXIII of 16 7”,36| Ap. c. XXXVI; c. XVIII of Ancyra; cc. XVII, XVIII of Antioch.)~ ~ 17 7”,43| XVI of the 4th; c. XIX of Ancyra; cc. VI, XVIII, XIX, XX, 18 7”,60| Fathers of the Council in Ancyra canonize them five years 19 7”,60| Fathers both him and those in Ancyra. Canon XXXVI of Laodicea 20 7”,86| assembled, that is to say, in Ancyra, in their c. XX; and by 21 7”,86| c. XLVIII, and c. XX of Ancyra.[225]~ ~ ~ 22 7”,90| more kindly, the Fathers in Ancyra, in their c. XXI, and St. 23 7”,90| herb named in c. XXI of Ancyra, but the same term is also 24 8”,11| the lst-&-2nd; c. XV of Ancyra; c. VII of Gangra; cc. XXIV, 25 8”,12| the lst-&-2nd; c. XV of Ancyra; c. VII of Gangra; cc. XXIV, 26 8”,18| XXII of the 7th; c. XIX of Ancyra; c. XLV of Carthage; c. 27 8”,23| them. Likewise c. XIII of Ancyra decrees that without the 28 8”,23| was Basil the bishop of Ancyra. Being one of this faction 29 8”,23| 47] Marcellus was from Ancyra. But he embraced the heresy 30 8”,23| however, that Macarius of Ancyra misexplained this c. VI 31 8”,23| as Macarius the bishop of Ancyra said in ch. 67, that it 32 8”,23| Hence Macarius the bishop of Ancyra understands by “exarchs 33 8”,23| it verbatim. Canon XI of Ancyra, on the other hand, decrees 34 8”,23| from office. The Bishop of Ancyra, too, and Memnon, Bishop 35 8”,23| point again cc. I and II of Ancyra, cc. IX and X of Neocaesarea, 36 8”,23| is meant also by c. II of Ancyra.~ ~ [151] From this Canon 37 8”,23| Ecumenical Council, c. I of Ancyra, and c. XXVII of Basil; 38 8”,23| Council, cc. I and II of Ancyra, c. I of Antioch, and c. 39 8”,23| for adultery in c. XX of Ancyra, these offenders are not

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