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admit 21
admits 4
admittance 1
admitted 39
admittedly 3
admitting 4
admix 1
Frequency    [«  »]
40 thereof
40 thessalonica
40 throne
39 admitted
39 ancyra
39 appears
39 bema

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 1”,1 | Canon XXI) allows them to be admitted to the clergy. Read also 2 1”,5 | one province must not be admitted to communion by other bishops. 3 1”,9 | those who are about to be admitted to holy orders must be clear 4 1”,9 | orders unworthily, are not admitted to the privilege of performing 5 1”,10| aware thereof, will not be admitted under the ecclesiastical 6 1”,10| nevertheless qualified to be admitted to holy orders after they 7 1”,16| church, they must not be admitted at all in another church, 8 1”,16| ordained, they must not be admitted to another (without letters 9 2”,6 | informers are not to be admitted without examination, nor 10 2”,6 | all accusers of Bishops be admitted nor again that all be excluded 11 3”,8 | have had the fortune to be admitted to holy orders ought indeed 12 4”,4 | addition that no slave be admitted into a monastery to be shorn 13 4”,20| i.e., the Clergyman so admitted and the Bishop admitting 14 4”,29| Holy Spirit, and it must be admitted at all events that that 15 7”,6 | with a woman before being admitted to the Clergy as a Subdeacon, 16 7”,39| or seventeen years may be admitted to the battalion of virgins, 17 7”,39| prescribes that a widow may be admitted to the Church if she is 18 7”,71| infidels) and to be not yet admitted to the fold of the Orthodox 19 7”,76| That those who have been admitted to the priesthood, or clerics, 20 7”,76| holy orders, or clergymen admitted to the Holy Bema, or monks 21 8”,3 | bishops for those about to be admitted to holy orders, this is 22 8”,8 | these persons shall not be admitted to communion, nor to prayer, 23 8”,10| other hand, who have been admitted with their permission must 24 8”,21| with that bishop who has admitted him from a monastery belonging 25 8”,23| those who are about to be admitted to holy orders should be 26 8”,23| him, and indeed was even admitted to be enrolled in the clergy 27 8”,23| objection, but, on the contrary, admitted that what he said was true, 28 8”,23| point which was gallantly admitted and pointed out by divine 29 8”,23| the First, so must it be admitted that neither did the Church 30 8”,23| say, soldiers, must not be admitted into monasteries and shorn.~ ~ [ 31 8”,23| Nevertheless, it must be admitted that both these titles are 32 8”,23| long after the Sixth Ec. C. admitted and accepted the condemnation 33 8”,23| and, if so, they must be admitted in the presence of many 34 8”,23| life, then let them not be admitted; nor in such a case let 35 8”,23| requiring such consenters to be admitted, and that forbidding those 36 8”,23| Days. Even though it be admitted as a fact that Pope Gregory 37 8”,23| Saint (but this view is not admitted by the majority of persons), 38 8”,23| Fathers of this Council admitted the doves hung over baptismal 39 8”,23| to become a cleric and be admitted to holy orders, or craves

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