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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | containing the Syriac translation mentioned above has been published 2 1”,14| these persons are likewise mentioned in c. VI of Timothy.[29] 3 2”,2 | Egypt (the Council expressly mentioned the bishop of Alexandria 4 4”,6 | church of some martyr, to be mentioned by the prelate in the course 5 4”,6 | monastery is not specially mentioned, as required by the terms 6 4”,24| penalties? They are the ones mentioned by the 7th Ec. C. in its 7 7”,2 | of the Canons previously mentioned, or to accept others instead 8 7”,3 | in holy orders previously mentioned, henceforth renew, or, in 9 7”,5 | housemaid except persons mentioned in the Canon as being above 10 7”,31| Carthage, too, thus expressly mentioned that in the holy elements 11 7”,76| This disorderly act is also mentioned by Epiphanius (Haer. 30) 12 7”,95| that as regards the topknot mentioned in Leviticus, Symmachus 13 8”,23| of their beauty we have mentioned; in fact they get to be 14 8”,23| This appellation was also mentioned in the Council held in Chalcedon; 15 8”,23| fact that the one first mentioned (i.e., the so-called Pope 16 8”,23| inclusion “or Deacon,” as is mentioned in the Canon itself further 17 8”,23| This percentage charge is mentioned also by divine Chrysostom, 18 8”,23| definition and Tome are mentioned also by Theodoret (book 19 8”,23| have stated, these Exarchs mentioned by the Canon were long ago 20 8”,23| the ecclesiastical affairs mentioned here in the Canon, wherein 21 8”,23| of the Faster, though not mentioned in this Canon (I dont know 22 8”,23| the time of Nectarius and mentioned in the present Canon, see 23 8”,23| ahead of the priests, or be mentioned after the abbot in the divine 24 8”,23| book of the Injunctions, mentioned by him, contains no reference 25 8”,23| ministers of the divine service mentioned by St. Chrysostom in his 26 8”,23| devout Dunale the confessor mentioned in the Synaxarist (December 27 8”,23| But the Lord’s suppers mentioned in the present Canon were 28 8”,23| have taken the Thursday mentioned here by the Canon to be 29 8”,23| flesh) to be even so much as mentioned in print in the Menaea on 30 8”,23| 220] This Canon is mentioned also by George Cedrenus. 31 8”,23| saying that no historian has mentioned them. Even Pope Adrian accepts 32 8”,23| canon of the Sixth Ec. C. is mentioned also the the Seventh Ec. 33 8”,23| that this same Canon is mentioned by Balsamon in his Reply 34 8”,23| wonders why this Council mentioned here this Canon of the 2nd 35 8”,23| dedication, it is neither mentioned in the Euchologion nor known 36 8”,23| and departure, however, is mentioned by the same Saint: reason 37 8”,23| say, the reason we have mentioned (but if on account of the

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