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leniency 4
lenient 3
leniently 1
lent 37
lents 1
leo 47
leonius 1
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37 deaconesses
37 dogmas
37 end
37 lent
37 local
37 mentioned
37 metropolis

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 1”,5 | one of them be held before Lent, in order that, with the 2 1”,5 | held one sometime before Lent, in order to take advantage 3 1”,17| Writ saying “who hath not lent out his money at interest” ( 4 1”,17| man is one “who hath not lent out his money at interest,” 5 7”,10| interest on money which he has lent, or takes twelve or six 6 7”,28| in the last week in Great Lent (or Tessaracoste) must not 7 7”,28| the whole fast of Great Lent dishonored by being prematurely 8 7”,28| things on other days of Great Lent, and thereafter to celebrate 9 7”,28| to fast throughout Great Lent (both Great Thursday and 10 7”,28| included in the period of Great Lent, as well as during the fasts 11 7”,28| in the last week in Great Lent (that is to say, of Great 12 7”,28| fast of the entire Great Lent, but, instead, everyone 13 7”,28| throughout the period of Great Lent by eating nothing but dry 14 7”,51| all the days of the holy Lent devoted to fasting, with 15 7”,51| Interpretation.~The days of holy Lent are days of mourning and 16 7”,51| that on the other days of Lent there shall be a celebration 17 7”,51| not to be offered during Lent, or, in other words, a perfect 18 7”,51| martyrs on fasting days in Lent, but allows it only on the 19 7”,51| held on the other days in Lent, the sole exception being 20 7”,54| during the holy fast of Lent are fasting on the Saturdays 21 7”,54| on the Saturdays of holy Lent (for on these the consumption 22 7”,55| and on the Sundays of holy Lent some persons eat eggs and 23 7”,55| Saturdays and Sundays of Lent. Hence this Council in the 24 7”,55| just as it abstains during Lent from animals that are sacrified, 25 8”,23| days as there are in Great Lent, inferring this from c. 26 8”,23| the fact that during Great Lent the last and more accurate 27 8”,23| for three days during Holy Lent. Accordingly, why should 28 8”,23| period of the forty days of Lent is more fitting than any 29 8”,23| in the days of fasting in Lent, according to Mauritius, 30 8”,23| celebrating it on every day in Lent, as some insist (see Dositheus, 31 8”,23| Devil during the days of Lent, are wont to partake of 32 8”,23| the body, of which each lent itself to the transgression 33 8”,23| Saturdays and Sundays of Lent, as Meletius the Confessor 34 8”,23| respectability of the fasts of Lent, that is to say, by not 35 8”,23| botargo and caviar, during Lent. But if these are not called 36 8”,23| Saturdays and Sundays of Lent. Nevertheless, those who 37 8”,23| of the mid-fast week of Lent.~ ~ [218] Hence artists

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