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days 92
deacon 85
deaconess 25
deaconesses 37
deaconry 1
deacons 92
dead 26
Frequency    [«  »]
38 theodoret
37 better
37 catechumens
37 deaconesses
37 dogmas
37 end
37 lent

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | minimum age of forty for deaconesses lost its force after the 2 Intro | Church ceased to ordain deaconesses.68~ Investigation into the 3 1”,19| Likewise as concerning deaconesses, and all those who are embraced 4 1”,19| We have referred to the deaconesses who have been examined under 5 1”,19| women of the Paulianists deaconesses, because of his being unaware 6 1”,19| ordained in the order of deaconesses instituted by the Paulianists, 7 1”,19| diaconate, let them be ordained deaconesses too. (See also Ap. cc. XLVI 8 1”,19| We have referred to the deaconesses who have been examined under 9 1”,19| this: We have referred to deaconesses separately, who wore this 10 1”,19| following the profession of deaconesses, since they too, like their 11 1”,19| divine grace, so too the deaconesses among them possessed only 12 1”,19| possessed only the habit of deaconesses, but no true appointment 13 4”,15| that those who have induced deaconesses and nuns to become prostitutes 14 7”,39| with respect to widows and deaconesses closely we have allowed 15 7”,39| example of the widows and deaconesses, have reduced the sixteen 16 8”,23| womankind only by way of deaconesses, whom it called widows, 17 8”,23| said that the battalion of deaconesses is in the Church, not to 18 8”,23| Marcus of Alexandria, that Deaconesses enjoyed a rank in the Bema ( 19 8”,23| says that in Constantinople deaconesses are ordained who have no 20 8”,23| them as sisters and fellow deaconesses in the matter of preaching 21 8”,23| prayers over her. Concerning deaconesses St. Paul writes in his First 22 8”,23| 11). Note that although deaconesses were not the same as widows, 23 8”,23| this fact, it is true that deaconesses were recruited and ordained 24 8”,23| particular way in which such deaconesses were ordained, he may learn 25 8”,23| example of the widows and deaconesses which the Canon adduces 26 8”,23| widows in the one case and to deaconesses in the other. But neither 27 8”,23| temperance in marriage, which the deaconesses are able to exercise in 28 8”,23| not in the Battalion of Deaconesses, yet, in spite of this fact, 29 8”,23| spite of this fact, since deaconesses were also ordained also 30 8”,23| it is obvious that these deaconesses used to be ordained when 31 8”,23| ought not the widows, and deaconesses by virtue of an imposition 32 8”,23| reduced these sixty years of deaconesses to forty, by decreeing in 33 8”,23| example of the widows and deaconesses which the Canon cites is 34 8”,23| meaning. For it compares deaconesses with deaconesses that have 35 8”,23| compares deaconesses with deaconesses that have been drawn from 36 8”,23| widows. As for the fact that deaconesses actually were ordained from 37 8”,23| too, that the marriage of deaconesses was more unlawful than the

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