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tonsure 17
tonsured 9
too 212
took 36
top 2
topknot 2
torah 1
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36 stated
36 taking
36 teach
36 took
36 x
36 xvi
35 12

Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

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   Council,  Canon
1 Intro | of Con-stantine and which took final form under Theodosius 2 Intro | century, Slavic canonists took over the first place. Chronologically 3 Intro | Roman pontiff; he resolutely took the side of the opponents. 4 1”,6 | if any one of those who took part in the voting and signed 5 1”,15| disturbance and the mutinies which took place, it has seemed best 6 1”,19| Paulianists who afterwards took refuge in the catholic Church, 7 4 | Council, he was justified and took the seat assigned to him 8 7”,17| the one who unreasonably took him in be deposed from office. 9 7”,93| he must repent because he took an oath. But as for all 10 7”,96| could remove persons that took refuge within the confines 11 8”,23| one of the divine Fathers took care to stigmatize this 12 8”,23| only their forehead, she took charge of and anointed their 13 8”,23| resurrection, by contrast, took place for justification 14 8”,23| the righteous with Christ took place, being their union 15 8”,23| nor unlike the Father, but took a view midway between that 16 8”,23| 15:47), and consequently took it that He had received 17 8”,23| Nestorius failed to answer, they took out the door and they and 18 8”,23| them, recusant Nestorius, took the opportune occasion to 19 8”,23| sister Pulcheria, whom he took as his wife but with whom 20 8”,23| in connection with Christ took place in nature, or in accordance 21 8”,23| and actually and really took place, as the aforesaid 22 8”,23| and to protect those who took refuge in the church on 23 8”,23| witness; this means that it took place in the Fifth Indiction 24 8”,23| which was a regional one, took the expression “their own 25 8”,23| and honor, even Balsamon took it thus in interpreting 26 8”,23| the Lord’s Supper, which took place in the first instance 27 8”,23| wore upon their head and took greater pride in it than 28 8”,23| the Bishop of that city took money from his relatives 29 8”,23| That is why King David too took back his wife Melchol who 30 8”,23| into marriage and Melchol took that second husband against 31 8”,23| from heaven was the one who took an oath. For even those 32 8”,23| fellow servant before him took an oath as a result of indolence, 33 8”,23| statue (which the Christians took into the Church and honored; 34 8”,23| Matthew). Besides, even Origen took the Angels to be possessed 35 8”,23| case of a “natural imagetook that of the Son and Logos 36 8”,23| Great, asserts that St. Paul took it from the Injunctions

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