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Canons of the seven ecumenical councils

IntraText - Concordances


   Council,  Canon
1 4”,8 | monasteries, or to churches of martyrs, they must remain always 2 7”,51| commemorations and birthdays of martyrs on fasting days in Lent, 3 7”,62| intention to dishonor the Martyrs of Christ and to lead those 4 7”,62| the allegation that the Martyrs of Christ said and did those 5 7”,62| things, in order that the Martyrs might incur insults as a 6 7”,79| disparage the “memoriae” of martyrs and the congregations and 7 8”,7 | consecrated without holy relics of Martyrs, we decree that in them 8 8”,7 | by them without relics of martyrs are to have such relics 9 8”,7 | hereafter without holy relics of martyrs, let him be deposed from 10 8”,7 | treasured no body or relics of martyrs are to be wrecked or disapproved.~ ~ 11 8”,23| portions of the relics of martyrs sewed to them in order to 12 8”,23| Moscow without any relics of martyrs. See the Footnote to c. 13 8”,23| the halo of martyrdom like martyrs.” And against Jews (Discourse 14 8”,23| wrote the lives of the holy Martyrs and of the Devout Ones, 15 8”,23| Orestes, one of the five martyrs, by wearing a gold cross 16 8”,23| Suppers, held in memory of martyrs; in other cases Wedding 17 8”,23| on in the churches of the Martyrs and Saints during their 18 8”,23| monks), and exploits of Martyrs, the sufferings and miracles 19 8”,23| 273] The relics of martyrs are deposited in the following 20 8”,23| three portions of relics of martyrs, and, having put them in 21 8”,23| containing the relics of martyrs ought to be placed, not 22 8”,23| treasure ought to be relics of martyrs, and not of devout persons 23 8”,23| For there the relics of martyrs are kept in the archbishopric; 24 8”,23| whereby instead of relics of martyrs, either common relics or 25 8”,23| relics, and not those of martyrs, might be treasured up as 26 8”,23| have also relics of devout martyrs and of sacred martyrs, notwithstanding 27 8”,23| devout martyrs and of sacred martyrs, notwithstanding that the 28 8”,23| fact that these relics of martyrs must be treasured up underneath 29 8”,23| says: “A divine chorus of Martyrs is the basis of the Church.” 30 8”,23| indispensably be relics of martyrs treasured up underneath 31 8”,23| dedications without relics of martyrs, must be purified, in accordance 32 8”,23| arrangement by which relics of martyrs are treasured up in them; 33 8”,23| consecrate it, without relics of martyrs being treasured up in it. 34 8”,23| unless they have relics of martyrs sewed up with them. That 35 8”,23| consecrated by means of relics of martyrs. Besides, even in Moscow 36 8”,23| consecrated church as relics of martyrs. Balsamon also says this

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